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Doors Officially Open during Condado Vanderbilt Hotel

December 19, 2014

By: Newswire

Following years of clever replacement and an investment of $200 million, a Condado Vanderbilt Hotel is once again welcoming guest for hotel stays in Puerto Rico.

This second theatre of a hotel’s reconstruction unveils superb guest room and apartment accommodations, a sauna refuge with Puerto Rico’s initial Hammam, dual posh pool lounges with servant service, and Ola, a second general grill helmed by cook Juan Jose Cuevas. 
Built in 1919 by Frederick William Vanderbilt and creatively designed by heading architectural organisation Warren and Wetmore, whose work includes a New York Biltmore Hotel and Grand Central Station, the Vanderbilt was once an disdainful pleasant vacation end for royalty, heads of state, attention icons and Hollywood stars.

In Oct 2012, a hotel began attracting gourmands with a acclaimed 1919 grill and run bar as good as party services. This final proviso of a $200 million revitalization has returned a Grand Dame hotel to a “Roaring 20’s” style, sophistication and use that it was once famous for. 

The 63 Commodore and 42 Biltmore Suites, situated in a hotel’s dual newly-constructed Suite Towers, resemble wealthy private residences, many with thespian sea views. The one and dual bedroom suites operation from 750 to 1,500 block feet.  

All suites include of atmospheric vital areas with nine-foot ceilings, European-style kitchens with slab opposite tops, African mahogany timber detailing and custom-designed lighting elements. White Carrera marble floors, pacifist grey walls, and neutral-toned seat are accented with locally-sourced artwork, touches of bluish and yellow, and a distinguished backdrop of a unclouded Atlantic.  Bathrooms are configured with five-fixture marble baths with Jacuzzi tubs and apart sleet showers, stylish rinse basins and C.O. Bigelow bath amenities. 

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Brazil’s World Cup legacy: fair of a animals on the Amazon

Every Oct 24, a rhythms and colours of Boi come to Manaus, a capital
of Amazonas state, to applaud a anniversary of a initial 345 years
ago. Boi Manaus, as a giveaway eventuality is known, is traditionally hold in the
city’s Sambodromo, an locus also used for fair processions. This year,
to make use of a Arena da Amazonia and gain on a city’s new
general profile, a eventuality also featured a festive shutting ceremony
during a football stadium. The title captivate was a chosen Garantido and
Caprichoso of Parintins, a city 300 miles easterly of Manaus, that binds its
possess world-famous folklore festival each June.

I was extraordinary to see how a capital would rivet with such a traditional
and rural jubilee from a timberland – and during a Sambodromo, we got my
initial ambience of a party. Boi schools representing a dual sides paraded on
electric carts as spectators roamed a concourse, dancing with the
performers. Red and blue trinkets temperament a entire picture of a ox
were on sale, alongside normal Amazonian dishes such as tacacá, a sour,
mouth-numbing soup done with prawns and anaesthetising jambu leaves.

The atmosphere during a Sambodromo was relaxed, and what struck me was how
permitted it was: a eventuality was free, a stipulations were few and the
dances were simple. “It’s beautiful,” pronounced Lene Monteira, a merchant during the
Sambodromo. “Everyone here loves it. Samba is for Carnival yet this dancing
is for Boi – it’s a opposite culture.”

The Boi Manaus festival

As a rare consummate during a track drew near, there was a palpable
clarity of anticipation. Police pronounced they were scheming for a eventuality with
a same confidence measures as they had during a World Cup. Three months
on, it was a initial time a track had been used to a full capacity.

In a deficiency of a internal football culture, a authorities have been enticing
Brazil’s biggest teams from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo to play showpiece
matches and pull crowds. Another devise is to make a 44,000-seater track a
venue for big-name shows and concerts. It has already hosted a Brazilian
cocktail star Ivete Sangalo, and there are rumours that Guns N’ Roses might perform
subsequent year.

For a time being, though, events like Boi Manaus are a best approach to
pledge a stadium’s viability – and locals and visitors comparison were out
in force. The locus began stuffing adult from 8pm, a throng equally divided
between blue and red. Almost everybody was wearing clear “tururi” T-shirts
display their allegiances, while a women wore normal red or blue
headdresses. On stage, a outlandish expel enclosed characters from a Boi
legend, including a priestess or cunhã-poranga (“beautiful woman” in the
internal tupi language) and a autarchic arch of a tribe, a tuxauara.

The costumes were Indian-inspired, reflecting a colours, flora and fauna of
a Amazon with garlands of splendid feathers and crowns of animal teeth. But
for all a plumage, elaborate skeleton and face paint, a biggest spectacle
was a audience. Like an Amazonian Rocky Horror Show, thousands of
Manauaras some-more than reciprocated what was function on stage.

With waves of spectators behaving alongside a Boi schools, a division
between spectator and member vanished, branch a whole locus into a
melodramatic orgy. While a throng fell good brief of a approaching 44,000,
those who were benefaction done adult for it with unrestrained and a clever clarity of
county pride.

Among a proudest was 68-year-old Ari, who had been a director during the
Vivaldo Lima stadium, dating from a Seventies, ripped down to make approach for
a new World Cup arena. “I cried as a Vivaldão came down,” he said, “but
when we have something like Boi Manaus, we feel proud.”

The Manaus uncover house

But a festival is usually one of many reasons for visiting Manaus. Most of the
Amazon debate operators are formed here, providing a possibility to try the
rainforest on a stream cruise. In a city’s possess immature space, a Parque do
Mindu, crossed by hiking trails and towering walkways, visitors can mark the
little pied bare-faced tamarin, autochthonous to Manaus yet probably archaic in the

Then there is a overwhelming uncover house, or Teatro Amazonas, built underneath the
administration of Eduardo Ribeiro, a black male innate to giveaway slaves: the
initial inaugurated administrator of Amazonas usually dual years after labour was
abolished. Manaus also has a white-sand beach, despite with tea-coloured
water. As we danced during midnight with a Boi Manaus revellers, and fireworks
noted another year in a city’s abounding history, it felt like we were
celebrating not usually an ox reborn but, interjection to a World Cup, a city that
has come of age.

For a full beam to Manaus, including how to get there, where to stay and
what to do, see

Switzerland and Honduras line adult to play a final World Cup diversion during the
Arena da Amazonia

Life after football: Brazil’s other World Cup venues

Six of Brazil’s 11 World Cup stadiums, including a iconic Maracanã in Rio de
Janeiro, are home to distinguished football teams and horde vital matches. What
happened to a others?

Estadio Nacional Mané Garrincha, Brasilia

The second many costly track in a universe (capacity 72,000) has no
healthy football heir. Since a 2014 World Cup, it has been used for an
Aerosmith concert, attracting 25,000, and hosted Sir Paul McCartney in
November. Other events have enclosed Hallowe’en movies, attended by just
3,000 people.

Arena Pernambuco, Recife

Located in a suburb of a city, a track (capacity 46,000) is where Serie
B side Clube Nautico Capibaribe plays. It was hoped a venue would also
horde general shows. So far, usually Brazilian cocktail star Claudia Leitte has
achieved there, in front of 35,000. A eremite eventuality featuring the
Archbishop of Recife and Olinda is approaching to pull 25,000 in January.

A pied bare-faced tamarin that can be speckled in a city’s Parque do

Arena das Dunas, Natal

The multi-use locus is now home to internal side America, as good as hosting
Brazil’s biggest nation song festival in August. Brazilian song legend
Roberto Carlos is approaching to title a initial uncover to be hold inside the

Arena Pantanal, Cuiaba

Management has relied on bringing in teams from São Paulo and Rio. The stadium
also hosted a compare between Brazil’s Olympic group and Bolivia, and is the
home belligerent of internal sides Mixto and Cuiabá.

Castelão, Fortaleza

In September, Fortaleza football bar came to an agreement to horde a games
here until a finish of a year. Plans to extend this until 2018 will be
discussed subsequent year. Sir Paul McCartney and Beyoncé achieved here before
a World Cup.

Foraging: In Copenhagen, Shops With Studios Attached

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection Offers Holiday Travel Tips

December 19, 2014

By: Newswire

Travel Agent

airport securityThe U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) service is reminding holiday travelers of critical policies to safeguard a well-spoken and fit estimate on attainment in a United States. The CBP also reminded U.S. travelers of transport requirements.

“CBP is prepared for a bustling holiday transport season, though travelers can also assistance in a routine by being wakeful of a mandate when entering a country,” pronounced commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske. “CBP has programs in place to assistance assist a arrivals routine for travelers including Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, Automated Passport Control and Mobile Passport Control. And this holiday season, we are gratified to supplement a Border Wait Time app that is accessible now for download for Apple and Android users.”

For those roving by automobile this year, CBP recently announced a further of the Border Wait Time app to a Apple App Store and Google Play. The app is a one-stop emporium for cranky limit transport and provides estimated wait times and open line standing during land ports of entry.

CBP also pronounced it continues to  create a traveler-friendly estimate environment. More than 3 million travelers are enrolled in CBP’s devoted traveler programs, such as Global Entry, NEXUS and SENTRI. These programs assist entrance into a United States for pre-approved, low risk travelers. 

This year, CBP pronounced it combined some-more than 20 locations to a Automated Passport Control (APC) program. The APC kiosks concede U.S. adults and certain visitors to contention their etiquette stipulation form electronically and have helped to revoke wait times by as most as 25-40 percent in some locations.

Travelers nearing during Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport also have a mobile choice to assist their entry, CBP said. Much like APC, a Mobile Passport Control app allows travelers to contention their etiquette stipulation form regulating their mobile device. The I-94 was also programmed final year, expelling another paper general travelers have to complete. These programs concede CBP officers to routine travelers safely and well while enhancing security.

Travelers are reminded to check forward of time to safeguard any cultivation or animal products are accessible into a United States. Every year, CBP pronounced it intercepts some-more than one million taboo cultivation equipment during ports of entry.

CBP also urges travelers to reconnoitre themselves with a avocation exemptions when roving with goods, generally if transporting gifts or alcoholic beverages around a holidays. Typically, U.S. adults and residents are authorised $800 value of products and one liter of ethanol duty-free. 

Travelers can take additional stairs to well-spoken their arrivals routine by familiarizing themselves with U.S. manners and regulations before vacating to equivocate intensity penalties and fines.

Travel Requirements for U.S. Citizens

CBP also reminded people roving abroad contingency have authorized transport papers when returning home. The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) requires U.S. and Canadian citizens, age 16 and comparison to benefaction a valid, excusable transport document, such as a passport, a U.S. pass card, a devoted traveler label (NEXUS, SENTRI, Global Entry or FAST), permanent proprietor label or an extended driver’s permit that denotes both temperament and citizenship when entering a United States by land or sea. U.S. and Canadian adults underneath age 16 might benefaction a birth certificate or choice explanation of citizenship when entering by land or sea. All travelers contingency have a pass for general atmosphere travel.

Travel Requirements for Visitors to a United States

All nationals or adults of Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries are compulsory to have an authorized Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) before to boarding a conduit to transport by atmosphere or sea to a United States underneath a VWP, CBP says.

ESTA applications might be submitted during any time before to travel, and once approved, generally will be current for adult to dual years or until a applicant’s pass expires, whichever comes first. Authorizations will be current for mixed entries into a United States. CBP recommends ESTA applications be submitted as shortly as an applicant starts creation transport plans.


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Survivor 18 – Tocantins: Episode 13

With Coach limping and in pain, though still handling to plead respect and firmness during length, a contentious Dragon Slayer is no more.

Voted off during a final Tribal Council in another blindside, Coach suspicion Erinn would be going home, though a warn was on him. At stay later, Erinn, JT, Taj and Steve swank over being a Final Four. JT records that he voted for Erinn during Tribal Council to keep his guarantee to Coach, though Steve worries that he’ll come opposite as a knave for voting opposite a soldier alliance.

On Day 37, Tree Mail is a spider, job a 4 to a Immunity Challenge that is a obstruction made like a tarantula. The 4 contingency make their approach by a wire hovel “legs” behind and onward to collect bags of nonplus pieces, and afterwards solve a puzzle. JT is initial and leads via a challenge, while Erinn lags distant behind. However, during a nonplus elucidate stage, she comes from behind and is one square divided from winning shield when JT places his final square and wins. He is protected during Tribal Council.

Erinn is entirely wakeful of her disadvantage and Taj is assured that a group are constant to her and will opinion Erinn out. JT and Steve coddle over that lady should go: Erinn who would be easy to kick during Final Three, or Taj, who is a clever contender to be in a Final Two.

At Tribal Council, Taj records that she would be repelled if she is voted out, though that is only what happens. Blindsided, Taj becomes a sixth member of a jury.

Erinn is happily outspoken on a lapse to camp, irritating both JT and Steve who see her gibberish as a effect for voting Taj out.

Day 38 finds Erinn still talking, this time about holding Steve to a Final Two if she wins a subsequent shield challenge. JT and Steve sell promises again that they’ll take any other to a Final Two.

JT is dynamic to win both a subsequent plea and a million dollare prize. He cites his mother’s difference that speedy him to enter a game.

At a normal Rite of Passage, in that a 3 travel along a trail among a dunes and stop during a torches of players left from a game, Steve calls them enemies in a conflict of Survivor. After blazing a name tags from any torch, a 3 share a cuddle and conduct out to a final Immunity Challenge.

The plea calls for thoroughness and coordination, says Jeff as he explains a rules. One round after another is fed by a trench and a actor contingency locate them before they dump to a ground. At first, it is easy, and a 3 have no difficulty throwing and replaying a balls. Erinn is a initial to let a round drop, and is out. Steve and JT conflict it out until Steve loses his thoroughness and is out. JT wins his third Immunity Necklace in a row.

Now he contingency make a decision: who does he take to a Final Two? Steve, as he’s betrothed all along, or Erinn, who he thinks would be easy to kick in front of a jury? Steve says he is relieved not to have to make that decision.

Naturally, a review after JT’s win centers around his decision. Erinn creates a play for herself by revelation JT that Steve pronounced he’d take her if he won, revelation her it would be a judicious thing to do. Steve denies it and thinks JT will keep his promise.

However, JT records that promises are damaged in a diversion and during a Tribal Council that evening, when both Steve and Erinn representation their rationales for because JT should select them, JT has to confirm between faithfulness and an “easy” million dollars. Steve reminds him on their guarantee early on in a diversion to share breakfast on Day 39, a final in a game. He votes to keep Steve in a diversion and Erinn becomes a seventh, and final member of a jury.

The dual group lapse to Forza stay for a final night. They arise to find a breakfast basket filled with fruit, eggs, bacon, bread, sausages, extract and champagne. They make their breakfast and suffer any punch and sip. They toast any other and honour themselves for their faithfulness and faithfulness to any other.

As they leave stay for a final Tribal Council, they take a impulse to demeanour back. Steve says he’s going to quarrel tough to win a jury’s opinion and a million dollars.

Each creates a statement, saying their reasons because they should be a winner, a Sole Survivor. JT is unchanging in saying his cause, never bad mouthing anyone else, though Steve blunders when responding jury questions.

The votes, when review during a live event in New York, are for JT, a unanimous vote. Thrilled, he jumps up, hugs Steve and afterwards his family. When a assembly opinion for a many likeable and means actor is read, he wins an additional one hundred thousand. Jubilant, he takes partial in a reunion and actor reminiscences that follow.

Congratulations to JT!

Survivor 19 earnings to a South Pacific, on plcae in Samoa.

In Transit Blog: The Berlin Wall, by App

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airberlin Connects Chicago and Bucharest

December 19, 2014

By: Newswire

Good news for Eastern European-bound travelers: As of Mar 30, 2015, airberlin will be doubling a series of flights from Berlin to Bucharest. With this new second daily flight, travelers from Chicago will have a daily tie to a Romanian collateral with usually one stop in Berlin.
The second daily moody AB8270 offers an easy tie with moody AB7421 from Chicago that departs during 15:25 from O’Hare nearing in Berlin during 7:00 afterwards leaves during 9:20 from Berlin nearing during 12:25 in Bucharest. From Bucharest, a new daily airberlin moody AB8273 will leave during 6:30 and arrive in Berlin during 7:35 joining with AB7420 vacating Berlin during 10:00 nearing in Chicago during 12:10 (all times are local).

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D'oh! 25 Years of Family Vacations with The…

It turns out that a favorite animation house is an considerable collection of universe travelers. Homer and Marge have taken a kids to each continent including Antarctica. Let’s take a look during how Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie have stretched their horizons by travel.

Survivor 7: Pearl Islands

According to readers who voted in Poll 9, a one we’d many like to see voted off is Jonny Fairplay. But will it happen?.

This part starts with another dim and inclement night, with Rupert blank his family and articulate to his mother when he can’t sleep. He muses about his feelings for Christa and Sandra, mentioning how tough it is to keep a spirits of his clan adult to be winners and still face losing.

While he hunts a shark, wanting to be a “baddest hunter,” Jon and Burton fetch H2O and plot. They gradually lift in Tijuana, Darrah and Lil in their pierce to get absolved of Rupert. With this agreement, Tijuana is overjoyed and Darrah recovers from a dumnps to wish to stay on.

Tree mail summons a Survivors to a Reward Challenge, a esteem being a cruise on a catamaran to eat pizza, splash drink and fish. The plea is an barrier march over a “shipwrecked” bandit boat built on a sand. In teams of two, a castaways contingency mount ropes, pitch on ropes, extricate knots, ring bells and slip down sails. The teams of Burton and Lil contra Rupert and Jon make it to a finals, and afterwards contest opposite any other in some-more obstacles to clear a value chest and arrange a puzzle, a correspondence of a skull and crossbones. Burton and Lil win a plea by a hair. Several of a castaways, including Lil and Rupert, tumble and harm themselves.

When given a choice to keep a reward, or give it to another castaway, Lil chooses to keep it, yet Burton gives his prerogative to Jon. She after regrets gripping it, wishing she’d given a esteem to Rupert, and aplogizes to him. He is harm by Burton’s profanation of his guarantee to give a subsequent prerogative he wins to Rupert. He consoles her, meditative she’ll tell him what Jon says to her on her return. Burton is happy that Rupert will be spiteful and enervated for a Imunity Challenge.

Jon and Lil take their sail, she gratified and anxious with a new experience, yet still woeful her decision. Jon is some-more meddlesome in a pizza and beer, and in his thoughtfulness in a cabin window. They lapse after dull handed.

The Immunity Challenge is a blow gun dart game, in that a Survivors contingency initial strike their possess tone to turn a “killer,” and afterwards can hit a others off by attack their colots. Rupert is a initial killer, followed by Burton, Jon and Sandra. Christa is a initial one knocked off, afterwards Darrah. Sandra hits Rupert tone by mistake and sends him off. She’s upset, yet a repairs is done. After Rupert, a remaining players are knocked out, until Burton and Lil are a usually ones left. He knocks her out and wins immunity.

This spells risk for Rupert, who thinks Jon is still on his side, yet Jon has sided with a Morgans and even yet Sandra overhears Jon and Burton plotting opposite him, there is zero Rupert can do to strengthen himself.

At Tribal Council, Jeff asks a castaways who is a Survivor they can’t do without, and even yet Sandra speaks adult for Rupert, a opinion goes opposite him, by 5 to 3, and Rupert is a ninth Survivor voted out. we knew it had to happen, yet we am contemptible to see Rupert go. Particularly when Jon smirks, yet Sandra and Christa are perturbed and Burton looks serious.

Rupert unequivocally was swimming with a sharks. He was repelled and dumbfounded during being voted off, and being tricked by Lil who pronounced she couldn’t lie, yet managed to overcome her scruples and not let Rupert know she was siding opposite him. Who is going to feed everybody else now?

Do we consider Christa and Sandra mount a possibility opposite a new fondness of Burton, Lil, Jon, Tijuana and Darrah? Will a Morgan be a Sole Survivor? Take a check – do we consider Jon stands a possibility during being Sole Survivor?

Stay “tuned” for a subsequent part of Survivor 7: Pearl Islands when:

  • One of a many exhilarated Survivor arguments ever ends with one orphan dogmatic a other a sworn enemy.
  • Christa is indicted of sabotaging a food supply. But is it a fake accusation?
  • Despite a tragedy of competition, a touching gesticulate of care outlines a Reward Challenge.
  • Jon receives some overwhelming news.
  • No one is protected as conspiracies and overheard conversations fuel a insecurities of each orphan before to Tribal Council. Who will be subsequent to go?
  • we can’t wait to see what happens next!