Frequent Flier: A Wayward Tablet Shares a Seat Pocket With a Guardian Angel

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Two-Day Strike Grounds Domestic, International Lufthansa Flights

October 20, 2014

Following several important strikes over a past year, Lufthansa is confronting (at least) one more: According to a website, a pilots kinship Vereinigung Cockpit has announced a strike for all Lufthansa flights operated by a aircraft forms A320, Boeing 737, and Embraer vacating from Monday afternoon by midnight (local time) Tuesday night. 

During a strike period, disruptions of Lufthansa short- and medium-haul flights are expected. For Tuesday, Oct 21, a strike has been extended to Lufthansa intercontinental flights as well. 

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Flights operated by a Lufthansa Group airlines Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Germanwings, SWISS and Air Dolomiti (operated by OS, SN, 4U, LX, EN) will not be influenced and are approaching to work as scheduled.

As Deutsche Welle noted, this is a eighth such work blocking to strike Europe’s largest airline in only over 6 months. Prior to a further of a long-haul pilots, Lufthansa had canceled 1,450 brief and medium-haul flights, education some-more than 130,000 passengers.

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While 2,150 flights were creatively influenced by a Lufthansa strike, a paper records that proffer pilots and assistance from other airlines managed to save 700 connections.


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Love during sea: The many regretful spots on journey ships

Cruising is by inlet a organisation experience, full of mixing, connecting and assembly new friends. But that doesn’t meant it’s totally abandoned of romance. There’s copiousness of opportunities to attest a bond between a dual of you, strolling underneath a stars, staring into any other’s eyes during a regretful cooking and differently experiencing a journey boat stage from a viewpoint of amore.

Here are some places on journey ships where we can adult a intrigue quotient.

The karaoke bar/piano bar: What’s some-more regretful than a serenade? Whether Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” or Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” uncover your adore in strain during a karaoke bar, such as those on Royal Caribbean and Crystal Cruises ships. If we can’t sing, conduct to a piano bar and make a ask of a piano actor (Billy Joel tunes are quite popular).

Ready to amp adult a romance? Talk to a transport representative for free, today!

The spa: Turn to paste with a corresponding couple’s massage. Two therapists do a rubbing and kneading. If we book your diagnosis in a sauna villa, as accessible on some Princess Cruises and Disney Cruise Line ships, we might have event to dawdle thereafter with a burble bath for two.

The promenade: During a day, passengers travel a outside rug area for exercise, play shuffleboard and differently suffer a sea breezes. At night, we can take a wander arm in arm and demeanour during a stars, mostly but anyone else in sight.

Specialty bars: Snag a dilemma list and make a toast your adore during a champagne bar, martini bar or booze bar. On Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Getaway we can gold adult in a parka and massage your cold noses together in a Svedka Ice Bar, where a heat is always 17 degrees.

RAISE A GLASS: The 10 best booze bars during sea

Dance clubs: Clubs and lounges give couples a possibility to dance to live bands and DJs. Show your ballroom skills corroborated by a large rope on Cunard, dance a night divided to scratch-n-spin masters lerned by DJ Irie on Carnival Cruise Lines or do salsa during Boleros on Royal Caribbean ships. If there’s an outside celebration – as on warm-weather itineraries of Seabourn, SeaDream Yacht Club and Windstar Cruises ships – take advantage of a event to pitch together underneath a stars.

Specialty restaurants: Small oppulance ships such as those of Silversea and Seabourn will accommodate a ask for a list for dual in a categorical dining room. But on mainstream ships, a best approach to assure your possess list is to book a specialty grill for a regretful date night. You get a reward of upgraded cuisine and a some-more insinuate atmosphere (a price will be involved).

Your cabin: While parsimonious interior accommodations can be endearing in a unfair stylish kind of way, couples seeking a regretful getaway might wish to splurge on a incomparable stateroom with views. Upgrade to a patio or veranda cabin for a “private” (others might be means to see you) lounging spot. Book a cabin with a cylinder if you’re a bath partner (splurge on a apartment and we might get a Jacuzzi).

PHOTO TOUR: The 10 best journey boat suites

Your balcony: If we book a patio cabin, take full advantage of your really possess sea views by staying in your bathrobe and grouping room use breakfast or dinner, served outdoors. Lines including Regent and Oceania will even broach your dish march by course.

The smokestack: Smooching during night underneath a ship’s smokestack is a time-honored tradition. Just be wakeful there are confidence cameras watching.

Private cabanas/spaces: On some ships there is a dark prohibited cylinder or patch of rug that few passengers discover, so it pays to review a rug skeleton delicately when looking for places to be during slightest almost alone. You can assure a grade of remoteness by streamer to a adults-only sundeck (a price might be involved). Lines including Princess, Holland America Line and Celebrity Cruises also have alfresco cabanas accessible to lease during a pool or elsewhere – a ideal place to listen to a sea as we romantically censor away.

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Airline complains fliers can’t find airfield in Hawaii

Hawaiian conduit Mokulele Airlines says a new use to an Oahu airfield is pang since business are carrying a tough time anticipating a airport.

Mokulele became a initial airline to start drifting out of a tiny Kalaeloa Airport this summer. The airport, located on a west side of a island of Oahu, is a former naval atmosphere hire that’s been non-stop adult to blurb airline flights.

Mokulele was a initial conduit to start frequently scheduled use from a airport, rising flights to Maui’s Kahului Airport on Jul 1.

FULL REPORT: Lost in Kalaeloa (Honolulu Star-Advertiser)

The Kalaeloa Airport is about 20 miles from Honolulu International, Hawaii’s busiest. But Mokulele CEO Ron Hansen tells a Honolulu Star-Advertiser that Mokulele’s Kalaeloa departures have been riddled with no-shows since of passengers who get mislaid perplexing to find a facility.

“We’ve had a lot of no-shows since people skip a moody since they can’t find a airport,” Hansen tells a Star-Advertiser.

“When people can’t find a airport, how do we design an airline to survive?” he adds.

Hansen says he’s been dire a state to supplement some-more signage to assistance approach passengers nearing by car.

It might be needed, according to a Star-Advertiser, which writes “there’s no airfield pointer on H-1 instructing drivers to spin off Exit 2 and conduct toward Kalaeloa.”

“And even if drivers negotiate that exit,” the Star-Advertiser continues, “the highway to a airfield constitutes a array of merges and turns by some unpopulated areas before reaching a facility.”

Hansen tells a journal a series of passengers blank flights is spiteful a operation during Kalaeloa.

“Nobody wants to remove money. You can usually remove income for so long,” Hansen tells a Star-Advertiser about Mokulele’s use during Kalaeloa. “It’s a tiny partial of a business, and so distant we’ve been successful with all of a other routes, and this is disappointing. There’s no airfield in a state unmarked.”

For time being, however, Mokulele appears to be dynamic to press forward in Kalaeloa. The association announced on Oct. 10 that it will supplement new routes from Kalaeloa to a island of Molokai as good as to a second airfield on Maui.

As for Hawaii’s Department of Transportation, a group tells The Associated Press that it’s operative with several agencies to urge signage toe a airport.

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Historic Loss May Follow Rise of Rents in Barcelona

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New England Raking in Millions From Fall Foliage

October 20, 2014

Tracee M. Herbaugh, The Associated Press, Oct 20, 2014

JAFFREY, N.H. (AP) — On Mount Monadnock, hikers record adult a 3,165-foot rise in lockstep, stable from drizzling sleet by a radiant golden canopy of leaves. They’re not usually gazing during leaflet — they’re looking during cold, tough cash.

Money unequivocally does grow on trees in autumn in New England, and all 6 states are raking it in. Officials contend tourists will spend ceiling of $3 billion to locate a glance of a red, yellow and orange hues — and a asset is usually rising as a economy regains strength.

Every year, a glow of tumble draws nature-lovers to Monadnock State Park — and large other mountains, hills, scenic look-outs and untrustworthy nation lanes — by a droves.

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“We wanted to get out in a uninformed atmosphere and see a colors while it’s still warm,” pronounced Christopher LeBeau, who gathering from Connecticut to transport Mount Monadnock. “This is full rise here, and it’s amazing.”

Lingering comfortable continue is causing leaves to stay on a trees longer in New England. Some experts contend 2014 could be an superb year for foliage, aesthetically and financially.

The New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development projected a state would see 8.2 million visitors this fall, and they’re approaching to spend $1.6 billion. In 2009, New Hampshire had 7.5 million tumble tourists and spending totaled $1 billion.

Vermont had 3.6 million tumble tourists and $460 million in spending in 2011, a final year for that extensive total were available, adult from $331 million in 2009 with roughly a same series of people visiting. Visits to state parks in a Green Mountain State will transcend 950,000 this year, an boost of 8 percent and a top revisit count given 1989, tourism officials said.

The tumble deteriorate accounts for a entertain of annual traveller spending in Vermont. And with this autumn providing an unusually shining show, a state is saying a clever turnout.

“The continue has been glorious this year, and we’re awaiting a longer season,” pronounced Megan Smith, Vermont’s commissioner for tourism and marketing. “If we can uncover these colorful leaves are out, by a website or amicable media, afterwards people will expostulate from Montreal. They’ll expostulate here from Boston.”

Smith pronounced Vermont tumble visits have grown between 3 and 6 percent each year given 2009, when a retrogression that strike in 2007 bottomed out.

Though states calculate tourism spending regulating opposite metrics, dual pivotal factors are hotel bookings and income spent on grill meals.

“We were strike flattering tough and hotel bedrooms and dish taxes were off” during a recession, pronounced J. Gregory Gerdel, arch of investigate for Vermont’s tourism division.

In Maine, spending is adult about $92 million given 2009, when autumn visitors brought in $489 million. Last year, they spent $581 million, according to state tourism dialect figures.

“Weather and leaflet comparison have been utterly well-developed this year with colourful color,” pronounced Carolann Ouelette, executive of Maine’s bureau of tourism. “Cruise boat trade helps supplement to a numbers, and from what we have heard, tumble events have seen clever numbers opposite a state.”

States have been devoting income and manpower to selling campaigns in hopes that tumble visitors who come for a leaflet stay for some of their other attractions: qualification drink tasting in Vermont, story in Connecticut and palace tours in Newport, Rhode Island.

In southern New England, where rise leaflet generally lasts from late Oct until mid-November, Massachusetts has a region’s largest marketplace for tumble tourism, with $2.8 billion in spending in Sept.-Oct. 2013 — adult from $2.2 billion in a same duration in 2012 — a state tourism office’s investigate multiplication said.

Massachusetts officials don’t heed how most of that income is spent by visitors drawn by a leaflet as against to Boston or a Cape Cod beaches. Because of bill constraints, Rhode Island usually marks tourism spending on an annual — not anniversary — basis; and cash-strapped Connecticut is approaching to recover total in Dec dating behind to 2006, a final time it took a tough demeanour during transport in a state.

At Concord, Massachusetts’ ancestral Walden Pond, a impulse for Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden,” leaf-peepers took advantage of a prolonged Columbus Day weekend, even yet rise deteriorate was still a week off.

“I gathering adult here from New York to see a tumble colors, and we chose Massachusetts since of all a chronological sites here,” pronounced Glenn Cronick, of Staten Island. “I haven’t been here in a tumble before, so we had to see it.”

Copyright (2014) Associated Press. All rights reserved. This element might not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.


This essay was created by TRACEE M. HERBAUGH from The Associated Press and was legally protected by a NewsCred publisher network.


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Don't Leave Argentina Without Eating These 7…


This famous community grill is one that has grown a following opposite South America, and these are best enjoyed with a organisation of locals and copiousness of beers or soothing drinks during a weekend or on a open holiday.

The beef used in these barbecues will customarily embody beef, pork, duck and goat, and can also embody vegetables that are roasted over a coals, while it is normal for those who are attending an asado grill to move a side plate or dual with them that is afterwards common with everyone.
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Pilot strike disrupts 200,000 Lufthansa passengers

Lufthansa has grounded about two-thirds of a flights Monday, disrupting a skeleton of some-more than 200,000 travelers as nonetheless another pilots strike roiled a airline.

Lufthansa pronounced it had been forced to belligerent some-more than 2,100 flights. “It had found pilots peaceful to take caring of 700 flights,” Reuters adds.

Lufthansa pilots belonging to a Vereinigung Cockpit kinship had formerly announced a 35-hour labor movement that was to start Monday and aim a German carrier’s short-haul routes operated by Airbus A320, Boeing 737 and Embraer aircraft.

However, a kinship apparently has stretched a range of a strike to embody many of Lufthansa’s remunerative longer routes, including several to and from a USA.

FLIGHT TRACKER: Is your moody on schedule?
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TODAY IN THE SKY: Lufthansa rolls out World Cup 747 clothing for soccer champs

In a statement, Lufthansa says that a union’s strike “has been extended to Lufthansa intercontinental flights as well.” The airline published a list of all of a flights it has canceled so far.

Among a U.S. cities where Lufthansa has canceled flights since of a strike: New York JFK, Los Angeles, Washington Dulles, Boston and Miami.

The strike is only a latest staged in new month by pilots, who are mired in a feud with Lufthansa per retirement benefits. The strike is approaching to around midday Monday Germany and finish during midnight internal time.

The Associated Press says that “the dual sides are fighting over a pilots’ direct that Lufthansa keep profitable a transition remuneration for those wanting to retire early. The airline, confronting tough foe from bill airlines and vital Gulf carriers, wants to cut those payments.”

“The idea of a strike is a new common agreement for all employees of a cockpit crew,” a kinship pronounced Sunday on a website, according to German news site Deutsche Welle. The kinship says it regrets “the nuisance to passengers.”

It’s also a second strike to interrupt Lufthansa in as many weeks. Last week, the kinship staged a walkout during Germanwings, a low-cost section of Lufthansa that handles a vast partial of a Lufthansa Group’s intra-Germany flying.

Strikes in 2014 have cost Lufthanasa tens of millions of dollars, with Reuters noting that a singular three-day strike in Apr alone “wiped 60 million euros (more than $75 million) from a airline’s first-half handling profit.”

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For golf nuts, Arizona’s Valley of Sun is home to prolonged list of glorious 36-hole hangouts

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Double your drives.

Double your putts.

Double your fun.

It’s not for everybody, though if a suspicion of golfing from sun-up ‘til dusk sounds like your ideal vacation day, there’s no improved mark for your winter getaway than Scottsdale, Ariz., and a surrounding Valley of a Sun, home to a prolonged list of top-notch two-course facilities.

After all, personification 36 holes in one day is a best approach to double your birdie opportunities, too.

“You can play dual totally opposite rounds during a same place in a same day,” pronounced Rob Bartley, a executive of golf during Camelback Golf Club, that showed a joining to being one of a excellent 36-hole haunts in golf-rich Scottsdale with a US$10-million restoration in 2013 of what’s now famous as a Ambiente Course.

“You tee off early in a morning, we go play 18, we have some good lunch in a grill and afterwards we go tee it adult in a afternoon on a totally opposite golf course, though we still have good march conditions and a good experience. You don’t have to play 18 and afterwards go burst in a automobile to get to your subsequent round. It’s all right here.”

That sounds like a plan. Or, in some cases, a change of plans.

“Even if somebody isn’t formulation on personification 36, once they suffer their initial round, a lot of people scrutinise about re-playing or they’re meddlesome in a second course,” pronounced We-Ko-Pa Golf Club ubiquitous manager Matt Barr, who oversees a second- and third-ranked open courses in all of Arizona, according to a latest inventory by

“When we have that second march charity during a same skill and we don’t have to get in a automobile and expostulate anywhere, that’s flattering enticing. Especially with a peculiarity of golf courses we have here, they would rather do that than go behind and lay in their hotel room and watch golf on TV.”

For staff during 36-hole facilities, a many common doubt is always, ‘Which march should we play?’

Booking tee-times on both won’t make it any easier to finalize your channel for your subsequent golf outing to this dried destination, that is treated to approximately 330 days of fever any year.

Even if we slight your hunt to 36-hole hangouts (most offer special rates if we wish to tee off twice in a same day), there are a lot of good options to select from in a Greater Phoenix area.

For many folks, Troon North is synonymous with dried golf, home to a tandem of target-style marks with high cacti station ensure around a fairways and greens.

Camelback and We-Ko-Pa offer dual clearly opposite looks on a same square of property.

And from my stylish room during Talking Stick Resort Casino on my many new visit, it seemed like we could see weed for miles. With wide-open fairways on both a North and South courses, that wasn’t a mirage.

“A lot of people come to Arizona and they wish to play dried golf, though we get many guest that maybe have played some of these other courses for a day or dual or three, and afterwards they’ll play here and they’ll say, ‘Whoa, this was fun!’ ” pronounced Brian Kolehma, a longtime conduct pro during Talking Stick.

“Because they don’t get kick up. They don’t spend all day looking in a dried for their golf ball.”

And if we haven’t mislaid all your golf balls … good … because not play twice?



So we wanna play a pair?

Convincing your buddies or improved half to spin dual rounds before nightfall competence be a easy part. The plea is picking a ideal mark for your double-dip.

We’re here to help. Here’s a beam to some of a best 36-hole comforts in Scottsdale, Ariz., and a Valley of a Sun …


Location: Scottsdale

The skinny: The Padre Course was a star captivate during Camelback, though a Ambiente Course is a new superstar interjection to a US$10-million restoration and re-branding. In fact, we won’t even commend what was once famous as a Indian Bend Course, that was completely re-done — a pursuit good done.

Reason to play both: They’re totally opposite tests. Padre is a parkland-style course, while a staff during Camelback like to impute to Ambiente as a ‘Scotland in Scottsdale’ sorta experience.

Stay-and-play: JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort Spa


Location: Scottsdale

The skinny: On possibly side, you’re sealed adult for an authentic desert-golf experience. Grayhawk’s Raptor Course is a former home of a PGA Tour’s Open — Mike Weir claimed a prize here in 2007 — and WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship. Thing is, a Talons Course is usually as good.

Reason to play both: From a rock-and-roll song on a pushing operation to Phil’s — as in Mickelson — Grill, you’ll have so many fun during Grayhawk that we won’t wish to leave.

Stay-and-play: Several hotels nearby

Talking Stick

Location: Scottsdale

The skinny: A depart from dried golf, many of a fairways during Talking Stick are as far-reaching as CFL fields, a acquire steer if you’re not a straightest shooter. With intriguing angles, you’ll have to consider your approach around a North Course, while a South Course is a bit some-more straight-forward though no reduction enjoyable.

Reason to play both: Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw are a hottest names in a golf pattern biz and given they mapped out all 36 during Talking Stick, this is a good place to see what all a bitch is about.

Stay-and-play: Talking Stick Resort Casino

The Boulders

Location: Carefree

The skinny: With a 12-million-year-old stone arrangement — they don’t call it The Boulders for zero — providing a one-of-a-kind backdrop, a fifth assignment on a South Course is substantially a many photographed hole in a Valley of a Sun. The North Course serves adult some-more slab scenery.

Reason to play both: Since usually one march is open to a open any day, it’s a good forgive to spend some time during a sauna or overnight during this five-star resort.

Stay-and-play: The Boulders, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

TPC Scottsdale

Location: Scottsdale

The skinny: It looks a lot opposite when there’s not thousands of fans stumbling around, though TPC Scottsdale’s Stadium Course is home to a Greatest Show on Grass — a PGA Tour’s annual Waste Management Phoenix Open. The Champions Course is a site of Champions Tour Q-School, explanation it’s no pushover. (TPC Scottsdale’s Stadium Course is now sealed for renos though will be prepared for movement in mid-November.)

Reason to play both: If you’re going to tackle a PGA Tour-tested layout, you’ll need to be sharp. The pushing operation is an option, though doesn’t an 18-hole warmup opposite a travel sound like some-more fun?

Stay-and-play: Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

Troon North

Location: Scottsdale

The skinny: Close your eyes and suppose a ultimate environment for dried golf. What you’re envisioning substantially looks a lot like Troon North. The Monument and Pinnacle courses are surrounded by cacti and forged into these irritated surroundings, charity an knowledge that positively won’t remind we of home.

Reason to play both: Just check a rankings. According to, Troon North’s Pinnacle Course is a top public lane in Arizona. At No. 4, Monument is also in must-see territory.

Stay-and-play: Four Seasons Scottsdale during Troon North


Location: Fort McDowell

The skinny: If we see an evidence during a 19th hole, it’s expected a organisation of golfers squabbling over that of We-Ko-Pa’s dual offerings is better. The target-style Cholla Course is my favourite, though a lot of folks cite a some-more wide-open Saguaro. Not surprisingly, a raters soap-box about both, with Saguaro and Cholla ranked Nos. 2 and 3, respectively, in a state by

Reason to play both: So we can import in on a debate. You can’t go wrong during We-Ko-Pa, though we also can’t collect your welfare until you’ve attempted ‘em both.

Stay-and-play: We-Ko-Pa Resort Conference Center


Location: Chandler

The skinny: Ask around for a scouting news on Whirlwind, and you’ll hear regularly about a tip-top conditioning. These are also tour-approved tests — a Tour’s Gila River Golf Classic returned for 5 true years from 2001-05, regulating a Devil’s Claw Course twice and Cattail for a subsequent 3 instalments.

Reason to play both: If a Tour coronet had difficulty determining between a dual tracks, how will we collect usually one?

Stay-and-play: Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino


Location: Phoenix

The skinny: World Golf Hall-of-Famers Arnold Palmer and Nick Faldo rubbed a pattern duties, though they’re not a usually large names to travel these fairways. Wildfire is home to a LPGA Tour’s Founders Cup, and a central contest blueprint is comprised of a behind nines from a Faldo and Palmer courses.

Reason to play both: After we supplement adult both back-nine scores, you’ll have a improved appreciation of how gifted a LPGA Tour stars truly are.

Stay-and-play: JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort Spa


8 Things You Didn't Know About Che Guevara

Famous for being one of a heading players in a Cuban Revolution and for being an critical personality in a following Communist government, Che Guevara is believed by many to be a Cuban himself, though he was indeed innate in Rosario, Argentina. Despite being an egghead and a ardent communist, his picture went on to be one of a many tangible in a world, reprinted on posters, t-shirts, mugs and all other demeanour of equipment in an mocking entrepreneur turn on his legacy.