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Silversea Cruises Reveals 2015 Overland Tours

July 22, 2014

Travel Agent

Eleven new overland are among some-more than 60 extended mid-voyage excursions Silversea Cruises will be charity in 2015. Unlike a partial-day seaside tour, single- or multiple-day internal adventures offer an in-depth confront with a internal people, history, wildlife and healthy attractions. 

The following is a sampling of a new mid-voyage land adventures for 2015:


Tsavo East National Park Bush-Walking Safari
(Two Days / One Night — Depart / Rejoin Ship: Mombasa)
The Tsavo East National Park offers an locus of dull brush cleared by a cerulean and emerald labyrinth of a Galana River. Visitors who try a farrago of a park on feet might observe lions, cheetahs, serval cats, zebras, elephants, guard lizards and more. Two diversion drives are included. Available on Silver Whisper’s Mar 6 outing (#4506).

Gorillas in a Forest
(Six Days / Five Nights — Depart: Cape Town / Rejoin Ship: Luanda)
A revisit to the Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp, nestled inside Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in southwest Uganda and home to half a world’s towering gorillas, shows guests the ideal bottom for rising guided safaris to lane and correlate with gorrillas in a wild. Available on Silver Whisper’s Apr 5 outing (#4508).


Taj Mahal Jaipur – A Magical Journey to India
(Four and a Half Days / Four Nights — Depart: Phuket / Rejoin Ship: Colombo)
Once a collateral of a Mughal Empire, Agra binds some of a Mughals many famous monuments. Guests revisit the Pink City of Jaipur. Available on Silver Whisper’s Mar 6 outing (#4506).


Over-the-Water Overnight
(One and a Half Days / One Night  – Depart: Moorea / Rejoin Ship: Papeete)           
Perched above a H2O on stilts, a overwater bungalows of Moorea’s InterContinental Resort Spa concede guest to watch sea life from their patio or stand down stairs to snorkel directly in a Pacific lagoon. Available on Silver Whisper’s Jan. 5 outing (#4501) and Silver Spirit’s sailing of Jan. 22 (#5502).

New Zealand Explorer
(Four Days / Three Nights — Depart: Akaroa / Rejoin Ship: Milford Sound)
New Zealand’s top peaks, longest glaciers, and many of a lakes are suggested in two famous inhabitant parks – Mount Cook and Fiordland – both located in a Te Wahipounamu area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Highlights embody a ski craft moody to a Tasman Glacier, a journey on Lake Tasman, and a jet vessel outing on a Shotover River. Available on Silver Spirit’s Feb. 12 outing (#5504).


The Andes a Train to a Devil’s Nose
(Five Days / Four Nights — Depart: Manta / Rejoin Ship: Callao)            
Travelers can douse themselves in Ecuador’s Andean region, witnessing a grassy highlands, cloud forests, towering lakes, active volcanoes, colonial towns and haciendas. Highlighting a module is a Devil’s Nose, a sight float by a Andes with a 45-degree descent. Available on Silver Shadow’s Jan. 7 outing (#3501).

Galápagos Adventure
(Five Days / Four Nights — Depart: Manta / Rejoin Ship: Callao)
Visitors might have a possibility to accommodate a hulk tortoise, blue-footed jugs and sea lions. The module includes dual days exploring a islands by boat, and accommodations during a Royal Palm Hotel, located in a highlands of Santa Cruz Island. Available on Silver Shadow’s Jan. 7 outing (#3501).

Patagonia Express
(Three Days / Two Nights  –  Depart: Punta Arenas / Rejoin Ship: Ushuaia)     
The southern cone of South America, famous as Patagonia, is home to towering peaks, forests, lakes and glaciers. Visitors can knowledge this view in a inhabitant parks of Torres del Paine, in Chile, and Los Glaciares, in Argentina, both enclosed in this tour. Available on Silver Shadow’s Jan. 25 outing (#3502).

The discretionary mid-voyage land programs underline fine accommodations (if overnight stays are required), all transportation, transfers, guided sightseeing and some meals. Prices for a above-listed adventures operation from $1,899 to $8,999 per person, formed on double occupancy. 

For some-more information, revisit www.silversea.com.

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Discover Kentucky

It would be totally lingering of us not to discuss Dinosaur World in Kentucky. Photo © Peter Rivera, protected Creative Commons Attribution.

To put Kentucky into difference is hard, since Kentucky is some-more than a collection of places. It’s some-more than racer horses extending on abounding limestone-fed land in a rolling hills around Lexington. It’s some-more than a blazing colors of Appalachia, illuminated on glow by autumn days. It’s some-more than a bustling downtown streets of Louisville, where new craving lives in ancestral buildings. It’s some-more than weathered tobacco barns, scotch distilleries, record-length caves, and bluegrass festivals. Kentucky is a feeling, like fever in a winter or sleet on a comfortable open day.
The hearth of bluegrass song and home to a initial integrated college in a south, Kentucky is during once normal and progressive.Kentucky is home to cavern miners and environmental activists, farmers and nation song stars, doctors and artists. It’s home to people who register Democrat and opinion Republican, people who cruise basketball is religion, people who cruise a initial Saturday in May to be a holiday. It’s a place of contradictions that somehow draws people in—those who have lived in a Bluegrass State their whole lives and those who uncover adult as transplants, though become, usually like bluegrass itself, most native. Governor A. B. “Happy” Chandler once said, “I’ve never met a Kentuckian who wasn’t entrance home,” and he was right. Even those of us Kentuckians who are replaced still cruise Kentucky home. It’s a place we all wish to finish up, a place where people not usually know you, though know your momma, your daddy, and your grandparents, too.

Kentucky is a place of comfortable hospitality, where people provide neighbors like family, and are never too bustling to lay on a porch for a potion of honeyed tea and some gossip. But to assume that Kentucky is all nation roads and elementary pleasures would be wrong. The state has large civic areas, with top-ranked hospitals, innovative art galleries, award-winning restaurants, and best universities. The hearth of bluegrass song and home to a initial integrated college in a south, Kentucky is during once normal and progressive.

Although people contend statistics don’t lie, a law about Kentucky is found in a spaces between. Too mostly monotonous and misunderstood, Kentucky will blow we divided if we usually give it a chance. Just be wakeful that once we arrive, we might not wish to leave. But hey, that’s okay. Kentucky welcomes we to stay usually as prolonged as you’d like.

Excerpted from a Second Edition of Moon Kentucky.


Bardstown, a Bourbon Trail, and Frankfort

Northern Kentucky and Covered Bridge Country

Red River Gorge Geological Area

Expert Tips for Choosing Rewards Programs for…

If you’re looking for artistic ways to save for a family vacation, a good rewards module can make a difference. We asked Zach Honig, About.com’s miles and points expert, for his best advice.

About.com Family Vacations: For families who take vacations customarily once or twice a year, is it inestimable to pursue points and miles? 

Zach Honig: Absolutely! You don’t need to fly mostly to acquire hundreds of thousands of points and visit flyer miles. Instead, we can pointer adult for certain rewards credit cards that offer really inexhaustible incentives, mostly generating 30,000, 50,000 or even some-more miles after we accommodate a smallest spending requirements. These reward points customarily take several months to uncover adult in your account, so devise distant ahead. Airline cards also come along with additional perks that request customarily to that carrier, such as giveaway checked bags, early boarding and giveaway loll access, depending on a annual fee.

How to Make Your Dream Trip a Reality

happy travelersWhether it is created down or usually sneaking somewhere in your subconscious, many travelers have a transport bucket list of sorts — a wish list of trips they positively must take in their lifetime. But even a many vicious universe travelers mostly find themselves holding some-more required vacations than those found on their bucket list.

Maybe they go to Paris, though don’t make a side outing to a French Alps to watch a Tour de France blow by. Or they expostulate to Hana on Maui, though don’t stand Mauna Kea in time to see a morning from a asleep crater. Or they take a journey to Alaska, though don’t get on a seaplane to Pack Creek to come within 4 feet of a outrageous furious bear. Or they watch timelapses of a northern lights online, though never go to Iceland and stay adult all night to see a genuine thing. So close, though so far.

If we have a transport bucket list and wish to start checking things off it, here are some strategy to get we started, keep we on lane and get we there.

The biggest and many mostly cited roadblock to rebellious a dream outing is that a time doesn’t seem right: work is unequivocally heated during a moment, or we usually started a home renovation, or we don’t have a appetite to make it happen. Maybe subsequent year…

These are all genuine and current concerns, though it is vicious to comprehend off a bat these issues will never unequivocally utterly go away. The law is that what a lot of folks are looking for is not unequivocally a right time, though instead a perfect time. And that time will truly never come. Settle instead for a time that we can indeed do something, even if we have to scapegoat other things. So instead of watchful for a ideal time, or even a right time, demeanour for a probable time. And afterwards make it happen.

Bucket List Travel: Tips, Inspiration and Ideas

Writing down your bucket list, some-more or reduction in a sequence in that we arrange any destination, is a good and oft-recommended approach to make it usually genuine adequate that we can indeed start doing something about it. Once it is created down, it is something we can use in a few opposite ways:

- As a beam for when we are poking around a Internet, reading or goofing off. During TV commercials we can call adult articles on your dream destinations instead of attack modernise on Twitter again and again.

- To assistance we see if all on a list stands adult to steady scrutiny; some equipment on a list competence not seem as engaging after we have looked during them several times, and could tumble off a list in preference of other ideas.

While you’re during it, we competence also write down a reasons we can’t get started on your bucket list — all a excuses competence seem like usually that once they are created down. When we review “Don’t have time to plan” after spending an whole weekend binge-watching a TV series, we competence comprehend we have some-more time than we thought, and during a subsequent event will put your time to work for your goals.

Sharing your bucket list with friends, family or even a dedicated site like BucketList.org can give we several things:

- Motivation: As with a lot of things, revelation someone else we are going to do something mostly provides a bit of incentive indeed to do it. Humans are humorous that way.

- A sip of reality: A bucket list is mostly contemplative of a epitome of a place or trip, and not indispensably what it is unequivocally like to go there. When we share your list with folks who competence already have bagged a few of your choices, we can get a clarity of what a place is unequivocally like.

- Good and hardscrabble ideas: Putting your network of friends and family on a charge of creation your outing a existence offers we an present group of schemers and thinkers who can move any series of ideas or surprises to a table.

What’s on Your Bucket List? Readers Choose

Once we get a clarity of where we competence go and some-more or reduction when we competence lift it off, we will wish to slight down your choices to a trips we many wish to take. Unless one end rates good above and over a others, we suggest starting to investigate dual or 3 of your tip choices; perplexing to devise for 10 unequivocally opposite intensity bucket list options is unreasonable, and picking usually one could set we adult for beating if a logistics spin out to be forbidding.

Focus initial on unsentimental things like what time of year we can get off work contra a best time of year to go there, how many time it takes unequivocally to do a end probity and how many income we will need to lift it off.

Here’s an example: If a Galapagos Islands tip your list, we will fast face a few vicious logistical choices. The duration between Dec and May has a calmest seas and weather, though Jun by Aug sees some-more active wildlife. If those times don’t work for you, we need to know that in Sep (and into November) many boats are in dry dock, so your choices competence be a bit some-more limited.

On tip of that, there are despotic boundary on how many people can be there during a same time, and all visitors contingency be accompanied by a approved guide. Clearly streamer for a Galapagos is not a last-minute incentive trip, and this is a kind of information we competence not know until we do some vicious investigate into logistics.

More prosaically, we competence confirm that Aug is a best time for we to tackle some bucket list travel, though if we are headed to a partial of Europe that some-more or reduction shuts down that month when everybody goes on vacation, your ideal outing filled with locals and prolonged nights competence not synch adult so good with a contribution on a ground.

In any case, we competence have to go a integrate of trips down your list before a logistics start backing up, so investigate dual or 3 to start, a docile and earnest series to get we going.

IndependentTraveler.com Staff Share What’s on Their Bucket Lists

seaplaneIf there is something though that a outing to a specific plcae would not be complete, we flattering many have to do that one thing, irrespective of cost or logistics. Need to compensate a guide? Sure. It requires a float on a seaplane? Do it. Have to lease four-wheel-drive car to get to a waterfall? Go for it. No one’s thought of bucket list transport includes adhering to a traveller overlooks, skipping some-more remote spots or pushing around in a Hyundai Accent. All of this is a indicate of bucket list travel.

To do bucket transport right, we substantially don’t wish to devise a “36 Hours in…” job, charging around holding snapshots in front of all a things we researched. Give yourself time to let a place penetrate in and take on some definition for we over simply checking off your list. You wish this to be a truly noted experience, not usually an elaborate mileage run.

This is substantially a many personal of issues, as everyone’s financial means and final are opposite and complex. The fallback “skip a latte and put a income in a bank” has spin a dreaded cliche for good reason — and for many coffee drinkers, this is not a debatable squeeze anyway. If it is 1:30 p.m., we need coffee, we are not circuitously a decent coffee builder and there is a Starbucks nearby, we are not going to select caffeine withdrawal over saving $3.55.

The thought of saving on overpriced and non-essential purchases is a right one, though we wish to take discernible income and make it raise up, not usually skip a coffee and wish we put that income to improved use later. Here are a few discernible strategy that unequivocally work for many folks:

- Get a large enclosure and put each gangling cent (and bill) we have in it. The final time we cashed one of these in, it came to over $1,100; a cosmetic pretzel bucket was roughly breaking.

- Set adult an involuntary send into your banking comment of X dollars per week or month, and don’t spin it off until we have adequate income for your bucket list trip.

- Instead of usually meditative about saving when we need coffee, set adult consistent reminders in your sourroundings that will assistance we save income all a time. Put a design of your selected end subsequent to your home mechanism to keep we from spending income online, or use it as your phone screensaver. Set adult a complement of daily calendar or email reminders to keep we focused and on track.

Nine Creative Ways to Save for a Vacation

To keep your incentive up, we can sinecure companies and review publications that are unconditionally or mostly dedicated to assisting people finish bucket list adventures. Check out BucketListPublications.org, that runs articles about people who’ve done their dream practice a reality.

Some some-more sites to check out:


Inertia, fear, habit, laziness, procrastination, parsimony, excuses — nothing of us wish to be indicted of these things, though mostly they are a unequivocally things gripping us from a outing of a dreams. We wish a outline above will assistance we make your dream a reality. Until then…

Go Anyway,
Ed Hewitt
Features Editor

Your Take: Travel souvenirs from around a world

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Now personification on Southwest Airlines: The Cartoon Network

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Three airlines that will still fly we on a competitor

Prior to 1978, in a eventuality of a check or moody cancellation, all U.S. airlines were compulsory to offer travel on a competitor’s subsequent moody out if that moody would get a newcomer to their end sooner. Airlines were even compulsory to put economy-class passengers in initial category if usually initial category was available.

I indeed took advantage of Rule 240 behind in a 1990s when roving to New York on American Airlines around San Juan. we missed my joining moody due to a automatic delay, and would have been compulsory to overnight in San Juan had we not asked to be “Rule 240′d” on Continental to Newark on a moody that had usually one chair left —- in initial class, as it incited out. After a bit of behind and onward with a administrator (the strange representative we spoke to pronounced “sorry we can’t put we in initial class”), we was on my way.

The order was mandated by a now-defunct Civil Aeronautics Board and was incorporated in all airlines’ contracts of carriage. The usually difference was for “force majeure” (i.e. “Act of God”) events, that any airline is giveaway to conclude as it pleases.

Most airlines, since they’re no longer compulsory to have one, have separated Rule 240 from their contracts. But 3 carriers, surprisingly, still have one. Maybe they usually haven’t gotten around to distinguished it out.

Those airlines are: Alaska, Frontier and (surprise!) United.

Alaska still has denunciation about putting passengers in a aloft category of use than what they paid for if that’s all that’s available. Frontier and United don’t.

Of course, all this assumes that there is a chair on another airline that will get we where you’re going faster than your canceled or behind flight, and with planes so full these days that’s not a certainty.

Here are approach links to PDF files containing Alaska’s contract, (scroll down to Rule 204AS, Frontier’s (scroll down to page 31), and United’s (scroll down to Rule 24, page 33, generally subparagraph E). Note United’s endless clarification of “force majeure” events, including a “shortage of labor” (which presumably includes organisation not display adult for your moody since their inbound moody was late).

To see how other airlines conclude newcomer rights, deliberate Airfarewatchdog’s Guide to Air-Passenger Rights.

And keep in mind that even if an airline has absolved itself of Rule 240, it still doesn’t harm to ask. Airlines, when it suits them, customarily put passengers on competitors if there’s space available. It’s adult to a option of employees, and we should always ask as humbly and sweetly as humanly possible.

George Hobica is a owner of Airfarewatchdog.com. Airfarewatchdog facilities a best airfares on thousands of routes accurate by a group of consultant transport analysts.

SpaceShipOne’s White Knight Plane Makes Final Flight

The world’s initial private-sector space plane, SpaceShipOne, is hanging in a Smithsonian — and now a White Knight mothership that carried it into story is in a museum as well. When SpaceShipOne was late in 2004, Scaled Composites used a White Knight for other moody experiments during California’s Mojave Air and Space Port. But on Monday, a twin-boom craft flew in to Paine Field in Everett, Washington, to turn partial of program billionaire Paul Allen’s Flying Heritage Collection.

Allen bankrolled a SpaceShipOne effort, that won a $10 million Ansari X Prize for private spaceflight and spawned Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo project. SpaceShipTwo is bigger than a predecessor, and is designed to be air-launched from a bigger conduit craft called WhiteKnightTwo. The launch complement is still undergoing testing, though a Albuquerque Journal quotes Virgin Galactic’s Stephen Attenborough as observant “we have an practicable pathway” to fly Virgin’s billionaire founder, Richard Branson, into space by a finish of this year.

Sign adult for Science news delivered to your inbox



— Alan Boyle, NBC News

NBCUniversal has determined a multi-platform partnership with Virgin Galactic to lane a growth of SpaceShipTwo and publish Richard Branson’s spaceflight.

Divi Little Bay Beach Resort Launches New All-Inclusive Option

July 22, 2014

By: Newswire

Photo Credit: Divi Resorts

Clients streamer to a Caribbean can now book comprehensive packages during a family-friendly Divi Little Bay Beach Resort on a south seashore of St. Maarten.

Divi Little Bay joins only dual other properties on a Dutch island charity comprehensive advantages to visitors: Sonesta Maho Beach Resort Casino and Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort.

RELATED: St. Maarten Targets Clients in South Florida, Canada with New Marketing Campaign

The skill lies along a semi-private peninsula fluctuating between Great Bay and Little Bay, located only a few brief miles from a many shops, restaurants and casinos that line a island’s collateral of Philipsburg, and only 7 miles from a airport. 

An combined advantage for families is Divi’s process that all children 5 years and younger stay free.

All-inclusive packages start during $181 per adult, per night, and $63 per child, per night, for children between a ages of 6 to 12.

Visit www.VacationStMaarten.com.

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