In Transit Blog: Seasonal Cheer (and Tours) in Iceland

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Give us bigger seats! Fatter increase competence follow

One of a many discouraging ride stories of 2014 was a news that airlines are deliberation a new category of use — and we use a tenure “class” loosely — called economy “minus.”

These seats would have even reduction legroom and fewer amenities than those found in a customary manager cabin. JetBlue gave everybody a small shock final week when it announced plans to pierce a seats closer together and start charging for a initial checked bag, so we know it’s not an epitome idea.

If “minus” isn’t already here, it’s coming.

But ask passengers what they want, and they’ll tell we that while they adore inexpensive tickets, they have no enterprise to be wedged into a chair with 28 inches of “pitch” (that’s a severe magnitude of legroom) or to have to recompense additional for everything. It’s dehumanizing.

“I don’t wish to be tortured,” says Judy Greene, a musician who lives in New York.

Durnford King, a TV author formed in Santa Monica, Calif., wonders, “What’s next, rolling passengers adult in burble hang and make-up them in like sausages?”

Here’s a improved idea: Instead of adding economy “minus,” given not enhance economy “plus” — a supposed “premium” economy category territory that’s roughly matching to manager sections before airlines were weakly deregulated by a sovereign supervision in a 1970s? Consumers support a idea, and airline experts contend it usually competence work.

Passengers would acquire a some-more atmospheric cabin.

“I wish it to go behind to a approach it was,” says Willa Mathison, who remembers drifting before airline deregulation and is now late in Renton, Wash. Flying in economy class, she says, is roughly unbearable, and she can’t suppose it removing any worse.

“We have cut behind on a ride usually given it has spin such a miserable knowledge to be congested in an airplane,” she says.

Mathison, like a lot of unchanging atmosphere travelers, says she’d be peaceful to recompense additional to be treated better, though airlines make it hard. Premium economy seats cost about 85% some-more than unchanging economy seats when requisitioned in advance. Business category is even pricier, and approach outward her budget.

It’s as if airlines are giving her dual choices: Fly in “torture” category or drive.

Travelers would be beholden to have some of a room back, and not usually for comfort reasons. When Jan Hoover sits in economy class, she watches a moody organisation denote a “brace” position — gaunt forward, conduct in your lap, arms covering your conduct — for an puncture landing. She tries it.

“There’s not adequate room,” says Hoover, a college techer who lives in Amsterdam, who records she is a “normal-size” person.

Like many passengers, she feels a parsimonious buliding in manager category are vulnerable and that a supervision should charge a smallest volume of space between seats.

READ MORE: Is it time for smallest airline chair standards

But wouldn’t that lift a cost of tickets? Not as most as we think, contend experts. In fact, some airlines competence advantage from expelling their economy category sections.

Yes, if they had to mislay economy class, it would harm a small during first. Frank Werner, an associate highbrow of financial during Fordham University’s business school, estimates airlines would remove about 7% in income if they motionless to cut economy category and reinstate it with reward economy.

“It would count on how a airlines would cost a all-premium-economy seats and how that pricing would impact demand,” he says.

Counterintuitively, he and economist George Hoffer consider airlines mount to make some-more income in a prolonged tenure by expelling a worried seats, given it would take usually a medium boost in airfares to recompense for fewer seats on any plane. But in sequence to work, a new chair standards would have to be government-mandated. American Airlines attempted to offer some-more legroom in economy category in 2000, though unsuccessful when nothing of a competitors followed.

Hoffer, a transport economist during a University of Richmond, says it costs reduction to ride fewer passengers, so there’d be some savings. But he also predicts that chair standards in economy category would make it some-more formidable for bonus carriers like Allegiant and Spirit to compete, and so for a new airline to mangle into a market. That would put a larger, some-more determined airlines during an advantage. Yet if fares rose by usually 7%, even passengers like Mathison could still means to fly.

“If you’re a large airline, you’re substantially going to adore this idea,” says Hoffer.

Airlines could stop a pang in a behind of a craft and continue creation money. Plus, they could hit off a few small carriers everybody likes to protest about. Interesting idea.

Can we during slightest determine that economy “minus” should never happen? There are some-more courteous ways to spin a profit.

How to equivocate economy “minus” in 2015

Find airlines with some-more legroom, for now. Some airlines still offer a polite volume of space, even in economy class. One of your best bets is to find planes configured for general ride drifting domestic flights. Depending on a aircraft type, your chair might have as most as 33 inches of pitch.

Book for comfort. usually combined a use called RouteHappy, that displays flights formed on comfort. also lets we arrange fares by “agony.”

Lobby for legroom. Tell your inaugurated deputy it’s time to pull a line and to set smallest chair standards on planes. Getting absolved of what passes for economy category currently would be a good start.

READ MORE: The implausible timorous airline seat

Explorer: ‘One Problem With Skate Skiing: It’s Hard’

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Dwain Wall Named Co-President of

November 21, 2014

By: Newswire

Travel Agent

dwain wallDwain Wall, whose depart from CLIA was recently announced, will offer as co-president and COO of is a bilingual website that caters to Chinese-speaking transport agents and consumers globally.

When it strictly launches in a second entertain of 2015,, that is now in beta testing, will offer as a country’s initial  online height portion Chinese-speaking travelers and agents.  

“There are now some-more than 3 million travel agents in China, though usually a few hundred sell journey product,” pronounced Wall. “According to China’s executive clamp boss of tourism, of a some-more than 100 million Chinese tourists who transport abroad any year, usually .6 percent chose journey transport in 2013. I’ve been bewildered to learn how most event exists for preparation and expansion within a Chinese journey sector.” provides information from some-more than sixty journey lines, real-time engagement capabilities and endless opportunities for a Chinese marketplace to turn improved prepared on cruising. 

Chinese travelers can implement to hunt and book cruises, devise and book seaside excursions, take advantage of franchised cruises and book air/cruise/land transport packages.  

The initial time a Chinese open will have entrance to a entirely integrated transport formulation platform, Wall says. will underline a hunt engine, online engagement capabilities, endless investigate and FAQs on transport product, seaside outing options, boat reviews, finish backgrounders and limited-time special offers. 

Chinese transport agents will be given a user name and login to entrance There, they can hunt live journey and seaside outing register with real-time pricing and availability, engagement their clients immediately for a initial time ever. Agents can also, regulating, emanate their possess customized journey packages and land tours, opening adult engagement to other agents and consumers directly, Wall says. is designed to let Chinese agents – again for a initial time, according to Wall – bucket prejudiced or full-ship charters, opening adult their organisation space to other agents and travelers. The complement creates a seamless approach for agents to conduct blocked space, accessibility and pricing, though it increases altogether earning potential, permitting agents to book their clients into space blocked and posted by others. will also yield online training programs and business growth strategies assisting teach Chinese agents on what can be a formidable shred of a transport industry. Offline training will underline sessions by comparison managers from a world’s heading journey lines, and use will be supposing on a behind end, to assistance safeguard representative profitability, says Wall. 

“While online journey engagement and online transport agencies have existed for some time in a United States, Chinese-speaking travelers have never seen anything like this. The best partial is that takes what we are doing good in a United States and layers on innovative, exclusive record to allege a capabilities even further. This is a call of a destiny for not usually a Chinese journey industry, though a journey attention as a whole,” pronounced Wall. was shaped by Steven Donne (CEO Chairman of a Board), Jessica Lee (Co-President, Sales, Marketing Operations) and Evgeny Demchenko (Chief Technology Officer). The association is approaching to make the open launch in Q2 2015. The site will also be mobile, with an iPad-friendly chronicle and smartphone app. These platforms can be employed for investigate and education, though also for real-time pricing, accessibility and booking.


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Ask a Captain: Making time on a taxiways

Question: At airports with really prolonged cab distances, such as Denver International, do pilots cab faster than normal? What is a customary cab speed?

— Submitted by reader C. Beiderbecke, Illinois

Answer: Pilot cab speed routinely does not boost with cab length. In some cases when stop heating is an issue, pilots will let a cab speed boost some-more than normal to keep from “riding” a brakes, so causing heat. Some airplanes and operators have extent cab speeds posted.

Though it can vary, a customary speed would be about 20 knots on a taxiway with zero nearby.

Q: Is there a speed extent for planes while taxiing on a runway? Planes in Germany seem to cab a lot faster than they do in a U.S.

— Ken Duval, Germany

A: Some airplanes, such as a 747, have stipulations on cab speed, though many do not. Operators mostly incorporate belligerent cab speed limits, that change from user to operator.

I have not beheld a poignant disproportion in cab speeds between Germany and a USA.

Q: we see planes “wiggle” their flaps before taxiing and after landing, what are a reasons behind that?

— Inray, Taiwan

A: To make certain that moody controls pierce scrupulously before flight. What we are saying is a ailerons, spoilers, elevators and rudder being exercised. The flaps usually pierce from a retracted position to a correct position for takeoff.

Q: Why did they change a radio denunciation from “Taxi into position and hold” to “Line adult and wait?” we favourite “Taxi into position and hold” better.

— Roy Bazylewicz, Tucson

A: “Line adult and wait” is a general customary phrase. Only a USA used “Taxi into position and hold.” It’s a good step to order phraseology to a general standard, that was set several years ago. Many U.S. pilots fly internationally. This change reduced a possibility of a misunderstood clearance.

John Cox is a late airline captain with US Airways and runs his possess aviation reserve consulting company, Safety Operating Systems.

In Transit Blog: Biking Napoleon’s Route

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Los Cabos Update: More Hotels Open and Flights Resume

November 21, 2014

By: Newswire

Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf  Spa Resort reopening ceremony
Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf Spa Resort reopening ceremony

With a new conclusion of a Los Cabos International Film Festival, a end is stability to redeem from a repairs postulated during Hurricane Odile. We’ve dull adult a latest on hotel openings, moody information and tours and activities.

Hotel Openings

Many hotels in a end are now open, with others stating approaching opening dates from Dec by a spring. 

Currently Open
Bahía Hotel and Beach Club
Barcelo Grand Faro Los Cabos
Best Western Aeropuerto
Cabo Villas Beach Resort Spa
Casa Dorada during Medano Beach
El Encanto Inn
Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort Spa
Hacienda Encantada Resort Spa
Holiday Inn Express Cabo San Lucas
Hotel California (Todos Santos)
Hotel Guaycura (Todos Santos)
Hotel Suites Las Palmas
Los Cabos Golf Resort At Country Club
Marina Fiesta Resort Spa
Montecristo Estates by Pueblo Bonito
Playa Grande Resort Grand Spa
Posada Real Los Cabos
Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos Resort
Pueblo Bonito Pacífica Holistic Retreat Spa
Pueblo Bonito Rosé Resort Spa
Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort Spa
Quinta Del Sol
The Ridge during Playa Grande
Riu Palace Los Cabos
Riu Santa Fe
Sandos Finisterra
Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar Resort Spa
Solmar Resort
Tropicana Inn
Villa Del Arco Beach Resort Spa
Villa Del Palmar Beach, Resort Spa
Villa La Estancia Beach, Resort Spa
Wyndham Cabo San Lucas
Fiesta Americana Grand Los Cabos
Secrets Puerto Los Cabos
Royal Solaris Los Cabos
Decameron All Inclusive Resort

December 15
Holiday Inn Resort Los Cabos

December 22
Bel Air Collection Resort Spa Los Cabos

January 2015
Cabo Azul Resort Spa

February 2015
Me By Meliá Cabo

March 2015
Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort Spa
Esperanza An Auberge Resort
OneOnly Palmilla
The Westin Resort Spa Los Cabos

April 2015
Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

July 2015
Hyatt Place Los Cabos
Meliá Cabo Real

The following hotels have nonetheless to announce reopening dates:

The Resort during Pedregal 
El Ganzo
Hilton Los Cabos Beach Golf Resort
Las Ventanas Al Paraíso
Marbella Suites En La Playa
Secrets Marquis Los Cabos
Sirena Del Mar Welk Resorts
The Grand Mayan Los Cabos
Zöetry Casa Del Mar, Suites, Golf Spa Resort

Flight Information

The Los Cabos International Airport is usurpation 40 to 60 flights daily. Here is a list of all a flights that are now available:

Additionally, a new highway between Cabo San Lucas and a Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) is approaching to be finish and open by mid-2015, minimizing airfield travel time. The highway from Cabo San Lucas to La Paz, along a Pacific Coast, is handling normally.
The Cabo San Lucas Marina is now handling during 80 percent capacity, hosting countless fishing tournaments and usurpation journey ships given mid-October. The Puerto Los Cabos Marina, located in San Jose del Cabo, is now handling during 90 percent capacity.

Golf Courses

The destination’s golf courses usually postulated teenager repairs during a storm. Two new golf courses, Quivira Golf Club (designed by Jack Nicklaus) and Diamante’s El Cardonal (Tiger Woods’ initial finished 18-hole course), are slated to open Dec 4 and 16, respectively. 

Currently Open
Cabo del Sol – Ocean Course
Cabo Real 
Club Campestre San José
Cabo San Lucas Country Club 
Chileno Bay
Diamante Dunes
Puerto Los Cabos 

Future Openings
Cabo del Sol Desert- Nov 15
Palmilla – Dec 15
Punta Sur -November 27 

Activities and Tours

The Los Cabos Tourism Board has also expelled a list of a activities and tours now in operation via a destination:

Keep visiting for serve updates on this building story. 

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Arizona: Farm to list transformation blossoms around Scottsdale [Photos]

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — Farmer Ken Singh is ardent about dirt.

“When a dirt is abounding and healthy, so is a food,” he tells a tiny organisation of visiting reporters during a debate of his 8-hectare Singh Farms usually off a turnpike on Thomas Road.

And not distinct a depleted dirt he revitalizes in a farm’s outrageous composting area, Singh, too, has come full circle. After a lifetime divided from cultivation — including time spent in Canada and a corporate career — a plantation child has returned to a land.

“We need to go behind to a land to save a earth,” Singh says, while indicating out rows of peanuts, kale, artichokes, pumpkins, tomatoes, mushrooms, flowers, and some-more flourishing in his “garden.”

“Composting brings life behind to a desert.”

So he and his Ontario-born mother Lee — who still keeps adult on news from Canada — try to “do a right thing.” That means flourishing healthy chemical-free crops regulating a best collection Mother Nature provides, and methods schooled from his rancher father and internal inland people.

Under a cold canopy of mesquite trees, Singh describes how a varicoloured shade shelters proposal crops from a boiling object and oppressive dried environment, and how a trees in spin heighten a soil.

The proceed is working, and Singh Farms has turn THE place for foodies to be on a Saturday morning. Each week about 2,000 people — including visitors and internal chefs — descend, reusable offered bags in hand, for a Saturday morning market.

In serve to offered for uninformed furnish and locally done products (olive oil, honey, wheat and more), visitors can wander around a farm, see a chickens, peacocks and horses, and suffer what competence be one of a best alfresco breakfasts in Scottsdale.

Singh Farms is usually one instance of a artistic new farm-to-table food enlightenment blossoming in and around a Scottsdale area. Visitors can ambience a annuity during several farms and food producers that open to a public, and many other places opposite a region.


Where Singh Farms is a nation down home experience, a Farm during Agritopia could be described as going “up country.”

Agritopia is where farming meets urban, a arrange of churned use plantation and residential village for a 21st century.

There are a handful of identical projects around a U.S., though this one is a brainchild of Joe Johnston, who is good on a approach to transforming a Johnston family plantation in Gilbert into a self-sustaining “agri-hood.”

Johnston says he enjoyed “a bucolic kind of plantation childhood” on this land, that was once “way approach out in a boonies.”

Today, a Johnston birthplace borders a turnpike in a centre of suburban growth in Gilbert. When city suburbs pull in, farmers typically sell their land and pierce serve out though Johnston — an electrical and automatic operative — and his family motionless to emanate a “best village we could.”

So now, in serve to a approved organic crops and stock lifted on a 65-hectare farm, there are about 450 homes, dual restaurants, a private propagandize and an assisted vital centre.

The Farm Stand comes alive on Wednesday nights, when folks from miles around come out for a weekly market, where they can buy uninformed organic furnish and locally done products, take in internal party and have a punch during Joe’s Farm Grill (housed in a former farmhouse and once featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives), The Coffee Shop (whose cupcakes took home a tip esteem on Cupcake Wars) or one of a many food trucks that hurl in for a evening.

The afternoon of a visit, a initial of 3 Outstanding in a Field dinners is holding place on a farm. These moveable farm-to-table feasts — founded by cook and artist Jim Denevan — essay to reconnect diners with a land and a farmers who furnish a food. The cocktail adult events — about 90 take place any year in a U.S. and Canada — are mostly hold on farms and underline internal chefs and food.

This one is hold in a orange grove, where tables are organised end-to-end and set with a patchwork of charming incompatible plates brought by diners. This night, any juicy march is prepared by Chef Gio Osso — owners of a much- talked about Virtu grill in Old Town Scottsdale — and interconnected with an equally juicy booze from Dos Cabezas WineWorks.


Most mornings, Queen Creek Olive Mill is buzzing with people who have stopped into a marketplace to emporium for olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salad dressings, tapenades, sauces, pressed olives, etc., take a tour, have a punch during a Eatery, or squeeze a crater of organic java from a Superstition coffee counter.

We are there for all of these juicy reasons and an olive oil tasting with Perry Rea, who owns a Olive Mill with his mother Brenda.

The usually other place in a universe we have had an orderly olive oil tasting is Italy, and this is where a Reas went to learn how to control classes on a scold approach to ambience and weigh olive oil.

An olive oil tasting is not distinct a booze tasting. You start by cupping a vessel containing a tiny volume of oil in your palm to comfortable it somewhat and recover a aroma. Then we demeanour during a oil to consider a colour. Finally, we sip, vouchsafing a oil swish around on your tongue before swallowing and gauging a greeting in your throat as it goes down.

Perry says he produces 3 forms of olive oil — balanced, clever and delicate. All are additional virgin. In serve to a plain oils, he creates dozens of flavour-infused epicurean olive oils that span good with vegetables, meat, and other food. These embody such flavours as Meyer lemon, roasted garlic, basil, and my new favourite — a singular chocolate infused olive oil good for baking or drizzling on waffles or gelato.

Perry even combined a bacon “flavoured” oil for Brenda, who is a vegetarian, though unfortunately this renouned essence is sole out when we visit.

After a tasting, Perry shows us a prolongation room and explains a oil-making process.

Then it’s time for some juicy bites from a Italian-inspired Eatery, that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our early lunch facilities a preference of open-face sandwiches with toppings such as immature apple, ricotta cheese and balsamic, all delicious.

We follow adult with some-more deliciousness — cupcakes done with a Rea’s olive oil and cups of clever flavorful coffee — before going to revisit Brenda in a “lab,” where she creates a line of healthy bath, physique and home-care products from olive oil.

Brenda says a procedure to make a soaps, lotions, mouth balms, etc., came from her children’s dry skin. Not wanting to use chemical-laden creams and lotions on them, Brenda started experimenting with creation her possess products during home, afterwards started offered them during a store. Demand was so high, a operation was shortly holding over a family kitchen so Perry built her a vast space during a store.

We finish a revisit comparing a dryness of a dried to a dryness of a homes in a Canadian winter. The Reas know winter. Perry is U.S. innate though Canada raised. Brenda is from Montreal.

I’m a bit taken aback when Perry says he hopes we have a cold winter in Canada. Then he explains: A cold winter will move many new Canadian friends to Queen Creek.


Scottsdale, Gilbert and Queen Creek are all within a Phoenix Metro Area. For some-more information, strike or


Air Canada and WestJet have approach flights to Phoenix from Canada.


We stayed during dual storied Scottsdale hotels — Omni Scottsdale Resort Spa during Montelucia and Royal Palms Resort and Spa. Both offer friendly service, poetic accommodations and fanciful restaurants and spas. In addition, both hotels yield good views of iconic Camelback Mountain, where enterprising folks can strike a route for a powerful travel (best in early morning). For reservations, see and

Las Vegas’ many presidential places

President Obama is creation a stop in Las Vegas on Friday to pronounce during internal high propagandize about his immigration remodel policy. To respect POTUS, we tracked down some a favorite spots that make us wish to intone “U-S-A! U-S-A!”

Tastes like freedom

One of a biggest things about this city is that it’s always open. The 24-hour grill is an American institution, feeding early risers, late partiers and everybody in between. And what improved illustration of this than America during New York-New York that facilities a biggest culinary and drink hits accessible from sea to resplendent sea. There’s even a hulk 90-foot-by-20-foot map of a country, finish with a many famous landmarks. We’ll disremember that a fries are still referred to as “French” on a menu.

The right to privacy… and luxury

There are many presidential-caliber suites all along a Strip, all of them huge, with unconditional views and lush amenities. The Four Seasons, however, is an venerable code for high-profile visitors, with a larger grade of remoteness and confidence as it’s tucked divided in a non-gaming hotel. The vast suites that occupy a tip floors of a hotel underline an eight-person dining room, a vast kitchen with a cupboard and additional bedrooms if required — a kind of complicated and glamorous touches that even someone who isn’t a personality of a giveaway universe can get used to.

The usually thing we have to fear is an dull glass

Delano, a new South Strip hotel takes a name from a 32nd president, going so distant as to call a worldly run bar Franklin. Nods to FDR embody cognac-based cocktail The New Deal and his allegedly favorite sandwich, a toasted cheese served with tomato soup. The heterogeneous loll might not be a smoke-filled backrooms of D.C., yet it’s a place where we can expected tighten your possess deals.

The favourite we deserve

Captain America and his strong defense have been fighting whatever evils have faced a USA for a past 7 decades. He stands high during Madame Tussauds, a iconic polish museum during The Venetian with other comic book icons as partial of a Marvel Super Heroes 4D Experience. The multi-sensory attraction’s high-impact special effects make we feel like you’re partial of a movement in a conflict set right in Las Vegas. Are we prepared to save a universe today?

The Presidential pianist

You might see David Osborne tickling a ivories night after night during Petrossian Bar during Bellagio, yet did we know he’s entertained during a White House for a Reagan’s, Bush’s, Clinton’s and a Carter’s yet his storied career? The gifted pianist recently done his 30th presidential opening for a Obama family. While you’re listening to him play his approach by a Great American Songbook, indulge in a caviar a loll is famous for, along with specialty cocktails and selected Champagne. Living a American dream is only that easy.

In Transit Blog: In New York, an Haute Cocoa Cart

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