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Data Hack during Seven Trump Hotels Confirmed

October 6, 2015

The Associated Press, Oct 6, 2015

NEW YORK (AP) — Customer credit and withdraw label numbers might have been stolen during 7 Trump hotels after a remuneration systems were hacked for over a year.

The Trump Hotel Collection pronounced on a website that hackers gained entrance to a systems between May 2014 and Jun 2015 during a front table of those hotels. Hotel restaurants and present shops were also hacked.

The hotel user pronounced an eccentric debate review has not found any justification of customer’s information being misused. The association is charity influenced business a year of giveaway temperament burglary protection.

The intensity thefts occurred during a Trump SoHo New York, Trump International New York, Trump National Doral in Miami, Trump International Chicago, Trump International Waikiki in Hawaii, Trump International Hotel and Tower Las Vegas and Trump International Toronto.

Republican presidential claimant Donald Trump is authority and boss of Trump Hotel Collection and 3 of his children have executive roles.

Trump Hotel pronounced it is operative with a U.S. Secret Service and a Federal Bureau of Investigation to assistance “catch these criminals and prosecute them to a full border of a law.”

Other oppulance hotel chains, such as a Mandarin Oriental, have reported information breaches this year.


This story has been corrected to review that a crack lasted over a year, not scarcely a year

Copyright (2015) Associated Press. All rights reserved. This element might not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.


This essay was from The Associated Press and was legally protected by a NewsCred publisher network.



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Restoring Old Havana

Old Havana has been called a “finest civic garb in a Americas.” The outpost colonial city that detonate a walls when Washington, D.C., was still a engulf is a 140-hectare repository of antique buildings. More than 900 of Habana Vieja’s 3,157 structures are of chronological importance. Of these, usually 101 were built in a 20th century. Almost 500 are from a 19th; 200 are from a 18th; and 144 are from a 16th and 17th. Alas, many buildings are exploding into hull around a people who occupy them.

A travel in Habana Vieja, Havana, Cuba, leads to El Capitolio building, that is undergoing a facelift. Photo © halbag, protected Creative Commons Attribution.

The many critical buildings have perceived vital renovations; others have been given facelifts.In 1977, a Cuban supervision named Habana Vieja a National Monument. In 1982, UNESCO named Habana Vieja a World Heritage Site estimable of general protection. Cuba formalized a devise to rescue many of a aged city from decades of slight underneath a superintendence of Eusebio Leal Spengler, a central city historian, who runs a Oficina del Historiador de la Ciudad de La Habana (Av. del Puerto, esq. Obrapí, Habana Vieja, tel. 07/861-5001). Leal, who grew adult in Habana Vieja, is a member of Cuba’s National Assembly, a Central Committee of a Communist Party, and a all-important Council of State.

The desirous devise stretches into a destiny and has strong on 4 squares: Plaza de Armas, Plaza de la Catedral, Plaza Vieja, and Plaza de San Francisco. The many critical buildings have perceived vital renovations; others have been given facelifts. Priority is given to edifices with income-generating traveller value. Structures are ranked into one of 4 levels according to chronological and earthy value. The tip turn is indifferent for museums; a second turn is for hotels, restaurants, offices, and schools; and a bottom levels are for housing. Restoration is being run as a self-financing business. Habaguanex (Calle 24 #4313, e/ 43 y 45, Rpto. Almenderes, Playa, and Calle Oficios #110, Plaza de San Francisco, Havana, tel. 07/204-9201) has shortcoming for opening and handling blurb entities such as hotels, restaurants, cafés, and shops. The increase assistance financial serve infrastructural improvements; 33 percent of revenues are presumably clinging to amicable projects: theaters, schools, medical facilities, and so on.

A perspective of an Old Havana travel with standard colonial buildings. Photo © Roxana Gonzalez/123rf.

Still, there is small justification of tangible homes being restored. In southern Habana Vieja, where there are comparatively few structures of touristic interest, speak of replacement raises vale laughs from a inhabitants. Because of overcrowding, some 30,000 longtime residents will be changed out for good to new apartments on a corner of a city. No surprise, some of a primary new apartments are now assigned by Habaguanex executives.

Excerpted from a First Edition of Moon Havana.

When information disaster strikes

It happened to Susan Solovic on a new flight.

As her seatmate stood to go to a bathroom, she knocked a soda on Solovic’s laptop.

“I’m certain it will be fine,” she pronounced to herself. But when she powered adult a computer, a shade remained stubbornly blank.

“Nothing,” she says. “I meant nothing.”

Solovic, an author formed in New York, is usually one of many victims of information detriment on a highway — waste that seem to be removing worse though are roughly always preventable.

“I was mortified,” pronounced Solovic, who mislaid 150 pages of her book manuscript. And frightened straight: After her information loss, she sealed adult for a subscription to Carbonite, a use that automatically backs adult her laptop’s information when she’s connected to a Internet.

Slightly some-more than 1 in 5 consumers don’t save their information in a protected place, according to a consult by Acronis, a association that provides backup systems. Yet 42% of those polled valued a information on their inclination during some-more than $1,000. In other words, we cruise a information are worth something, though not adequate to deposit in a backup system.

Tsk, tsk.

Not that backup systems are totally reliable. Jo Young, an singer who lives in New York, remembers a motorcycle float behind from a beach on a behind of a friend’s motorcycle. Her iPhone was safely tucked in a beach bag, that was firmly fixed to a behind of a motorcycle — or so she thought.

“When we got off a bike, my bags were gone,” she says. “They had flown off after attack one of a oh-too-numerous highway bumps though a knowledge. we was devastated.”

She’d saved a essence of her iPhone to a cloud, though not all of it.  “They were means to upload many of my contacts, though nothing of my texts and usually a final 30 photos we had taken. we had some good memories in those photos.”

I know what it feels like to remove information while you’re traveling. My misfortune loss: This summer, my server melted down while we was on a two-month highway outing opposite North America. Our backup systems also failed, and we had to revive from a chronicle of my consumer advocacy blog that was 3 months old. Ouch!

There’s a feeling we get when we remove data. It’s a multiple of helplessness and anger. But when you’re out of a office, and incompetent to do anything solely send a array of increasingly obligatory emails to your IT man behind in a office, that view drifts toward despair. It roughly feels as if partial of we is gone. It’s awful.

If we lift a phone or a computer, you’ll substantially understanding with information detriment earlier or later, predicts Ted Hulsy, a clamp boss during eFolder, a association that specializes in information backup and disaster recovery. “Unfortunately, we might even see a aloft occurrence of information detriment since a series of inclination that information resides on is increasing, and a series of employees that confirm to work remotely is also increasing,” he adds.

But we don’t have to turn a victim. If we travel, you’ll remove information eventually. Yes, even a experts remove data. David Grubb, who runs CMIT Solutions of Tribeca, a association that provides backup services, frequently commutes between New York and London. On one of his trips, he mislaid a bag that contained his cellphone.

“This enclosed personal data, skeleton we grown for a new business, personal photos and all my pivotal contacts,” he says.

The handset was lost, though he’d taken a prevision of subsidy a information in a device to a cloud and was means to collect all his contacts and other information from it. Lesson learned? Keep your eye on your effects — and “always, always take a active proceed to subsidy up, rather than understanding with a consequences afterward,” he says.

In a universe where we’re some-more contingent on a inclination than ever, information backups shouldn’t be an afterthought. It should be one of a initial things we cruise before we take off. If we don’t, we could remove your photos, your publishing — or your whole business.

Tips for preventing information loss

• Back adult your digital photos and files before we leave. Before holding off, use an online information liberation resolution or outmost tough expostulate to make certain all of those good images – and any other vicious files — are entirely corroborated up, advises Mohamad Ali, CEO of Carbonite, an online information liberation solution. “You don’t wish to risk losing them if your laptop is mislaid or stolen while traveling,” he says.

• BYOB. Bring your possess backup, says David Zimmerman, CEO of LC Technology International, a information liberation service. “Consider bringing along a lightweight outmost tough drive,” he says. “These offer as a some-more durable backup for your files compared to a SD cards and they are utterly inexpensive compared to how most they store.” Some outmost drives even underline involuntary cloud updating that pushes your files to a remote server.

• Have a devise “B.” Know where your backed-up information are kept and how to redeem a files quickly. One of a safest bets is a cloud-based backup system, says Mark Jennings, a executive of network sales for SymQuest, an information systems provider. “They safeguard vicious information and applications are corroborated adult mostly and simply restored, shortening downtime, and removing we adult using in a eventuality of loss,” he says.

Christopher Elliott is a consumer disciple and editor during vast for National Geographic Traveler. Contact him during or revisit

Prohibition-style speakeasies still allure

When Prohibition swept opposite a nation in 1920, many people weren’t carrying it. Rather than reside by a new laws that criminialized ethanol sales in bars and pubs, tip spots started popping adult subterraneous and ethanol continued to upsurge in speakeasies.

The tenure “speakeasy” comes from bartenders themselves, who would advise their clients to “speak easy” as to not pull courtesy to themselves while during a bar. Access to these tip celebration spots was postulated to those with an in, oftentimes with passwords, and entrances were infrequently by other businesses and even trap doors, invoking an even larger clarity of amour and allure.

Prohibition finished in late-1933, though a legends and interest continue today. Take a demeanour by a gallery to look not usually during iconic former speakeasies, though a few complicated hideaways that can be found today.

Of course, we’re not going to do all a work for we – anticipating out entrances and passwords is partial of a fun!

October’s #avgeek gallery: 30 cold aviation photos

It’s time for a Oct “#avgeek gallery,” a collection of extraordinary aeroplane and aviation photos from around a globe.

This monthly underline in January, and it’s turn a permanent tie interjection to renouned direct from a Today in a Sky readers.

TODAY IN THE SKY: World’s strangest-looking airplane? A closer demeanour during a Airbus ‘Beluga’
TODAY IN THE SKY: The world’s initial Boeing 747 gets a much-needed makeover

As with prior editions, we incited to photographer and Today in a Sky writer Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren. He offering us a good shots (above) that we’ve pulled from his collection. Click by that slideshow to see all 30 of a new photos.

Scroll immediately down to see photos a Airbus ‘Beluga,’ described by some as a world’s oddest looking aircraft. If that’s not enough, keep scrolling and you’ll find a whole collection of this year’s #avgeek gallery photos.

TODAY IN THE SKY: Onboard EVA’s Hello Kitty craft during 40,000 feet

If those aren’t enough, we can also find some-more photos of the world’s initial Boeing 747 removing a makeover, an in-depth demeanour during EVA’s particular Hello Kitty jets, or a hide rise of American Airlines’ initial Dreamliner on a exam flight.

See a print we like? Share your thoughts about this latest set of photos in a comments territory below. And if you’ve got your possess photos that you’d like to share with USA TODAY, we can submit those around a Your Take featureof a website.


September photos

August photos

July photos

Boeing unveils mean-looking Seattle Seahawks 747

June photos

May photos

Virgin Atlantic gives initial demeanour inside new Dreamliner

April photos

March photos

February photos

January photos

$69 Flights From U.S. to Europe Coming Soon: Airline CEO

Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA hopes to sell one-way tickets to Europe for $69 as early as 2017 by drifting from U.S. airports that have low fees, Chief Executive Officer Bjørn Kjos pronounced in an talk Tuesday.

Europe’s third-largest bill airline is deliberation flights to Edinburgh and Bergen, Norway from U.S. airports that have tiny to no general use today, such as New York’s Westchester County Airport and Connecticut’s Bradley International Airport, usually north of Hartford, Kjos said.

Average prices on such routes are expected to be closer to $300 turn trip, Kjos said, compared with many of Norwegian’s fares that run some-more than $500 now since of aloft fees levied by busier airports.

The intensity skeleton are partial of Norwegian’s broader pierce to cut prices and take share from normal dwindle carriers that browbeat trans-Atlantic flying.

While airlines such as Deutsche Lufthansa AG offer travelers hundreds of destinations around connectors in airfield hubs, Norwegian is aiming to make nonstop use to tiny cities that hover a Atlantic some-more common, that keeps costs low.

“I consider we will see a lot to that outcome within 5 years’ time,” Kjos said. “What will occur to (Lufthansa) when everybody starts to fly direct?”

Norwegian has 100 737 MAX jets from Boeing Co on sequence and expects to accept 5 in 2017. These planes are versed to span a Atlantic though are smaller than many jets that now do so, creation them a improved distance for general flights to cities such as Birmingham in Britain, Kjos said.

Regulators will have to determine to set adult etiquette stations during U.S. informal airports to hoop general traffic, nonetheless Kjos pronounced he is assured this can be arranged.

Norwegian is not a usually airline to marketplace inexpensive fares opposite a Atlantic.

Iceland’s Wow Air recently offering one-way fares between Boston and Paris for $99. Lufthansa’s low-cost auxiliary Eurowings is also starting inexpensive long-haul flights.

Kjos downplayed a rival hazard of Eurowings, saying, “I don’t trust in their being means to work low cost with a Boeing 767,” in partial since a widebody planes save reduction fuel and have smaller operation than planes such as Boeing Dreamliners in Norwegian’s fleet.

Norwegian alone reported Tuesday that it filled 96 percent of long-haul craft seats in September, assisting a airline post better-than-expected results.

Q&A: Andy Warhol Drove Route 66. So Did She.

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Paris Police Crack Down on Pickpockets Targeting Tourists

October 6, 2015

Photo by Thorn

The Associated Press, Oct 6, 2015

PARIS (AP) — Paris police contend they are removing a hoop on crime opposite tourists.

In a lecture Tuesday, military pronounced special units of officers have ramped adult patrols of vital traveller areas, including a Eiffel Tower, a Louvre Museum, and vital dialect stores, where pickpockets have targeted tourists removing off buses.

Philippe Prunier, a military central in assign of safeguarding tourists, pronounced thefts were down 17 percent this summer compared with a same duration final year. Police done scarcely 4,000 arrests.

He pronounced carjackings outward a airfield sojourn a concern, though thefts are down on open transit.

Security has been heightened during vital traveller sites given nonconformist attacks in January, and Prunier pronounced that total with a new patrols has done a vital difference.

Copyright (2015) Associated Press. All rights reserved. This element might not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.


This essay was from The Associated Press and was legally protected by a NewsCred publisher network.



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Planning Your Time in Medellín

Weather-wise, anytime of a year is a good time to revisit Medellín and a coffee region. There’s a reason because they call Medellín a “City of Eternal Spring”: The whole segment has a ascetic climate.

Photo © Daniel Ferreia-Leites/123rf.

While renting a automobile in Colombia is not mostly a best option, here it creates sense.Medellín totally empties during a finish of a year holidays, from Dec 15 to Jan 15, and also during Semana Santa (Easter week). This is rise time for pueblos and coffee segment haciendas. During propagandize vacations (June-July), healthy parks and pot and coffee haciendas get bustling again.

Give Medellín 3 days. During that volume of time, we can knowledge “old Medellín” sights in a Centro, such as a Museo de Antioquia, as good as check out a complicated Medellín icons that are a theme of good pride: a Metrocable, Biblioteca España, a café enlightenment of cold El Poblado, and a Parque Explora. Consider spending a weekend in Medellín, when hotel rates drop, and generally if you’re meddlesome in checking out a city’s nightlife scene. In a week we can supplement one or dual other destinations in Antioquia, such as a Reserva Natural Río Claro or one of a picture-perfect Paisa pueblos, such as Jardín or Jericó. These are within about a three-hour train float from a Antioquian collateral of Medellín.

Centro de Medellín

Many visitors revisit a pleasing colonial city of Santa Fe de Antioquia to a north of Medellín as a day trip, though it’s improved to spend one night there, in sequence to suffer strolling a old-fashioned streets after a object has left down. On a banks of a strong Río Cauca, Santa Fe is one of a hottest towns in a region. Guatape, with a famous rock, El Peñol, creates for a good overnight on a approach to or behind from a Río Claro reserve, where dual nights are necessary. These 3 destinations are renouned on weekends and holidays. The overwhelming healthy beauty of Río Claro is best enjoyed during a week.

To a south of Medellín are dual picture-perfect Paisa pueblos: Jardín and Jericó. A integrate of days in one of those should be enough. You can continue from there southward into a coffee segment on circuitous nation roads.

Medellín is not a bottom for visiting a coffee region: The cities of Armenia, Manizales, and Pereira are. Pereira has good atmosphere connections, while a Manizales airfield is mostly hidden in fog.

One of a joys of this segment is to book a few days during a coffee hacienda. Many debate operators will container your days with day-trip activities. Resist! As it gets dim during 6pm each day, it would be a contrition to skip spending some illumination hours strolling a drift of a finca (farm), lazing in a hammock or rocking chair, or doing zero during all.

A Siproeta epaphus, or Rusty-tipped Page, found in Medellín’s Jardín Botánico del Quindío. Photo © Caya!!, protected Creative Commons Attribution.

You’ll need a week or some-more to decompress on a coffee plantation and see a region’s tip sights: a Valle de Cocora, a Jardín Botánico del Quindío, and Museo del Oro Quimbaya nearby Armenia, and one or dual of a inhabitant and informal parks. There are really good travel links between a 3 vital cities and Salento. Roads are generally excellent. While renting a automobile in Colombia is not mostly a best option, here it creates sense.

Though we can suffer this pretentious segment only by holding a train float from one place to a next, there are a few spots that aver special attention. East of Medellín toward a Río Magdalena lays a Reserva Natural Río Claro, a lush, low canyon. The Parque Nacional Natural Los Nevados and surrounding informal parks (such as Parque Regional Natural Ucumarí) offer countless opportunities for day hikes and longer treks. A bit off a beaten track, Parque Municipal Natural Planes de San Rafael offers pleasing hikes in a less-visited Cordillera Occidental.

Medellín and a Coffee Region

Excerpted from a First Edition of Moon Colombia.