Next Stop: In Calgary, Exploring a Cultural Side of ‘Cowtown’

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On Site: Club Med, Cirque du Soleil Partner to Offer Experiential Circus Activities (VIDEO)

October 24, 2014

By: Joe Pike

Travel Agent was on palm Thursday night in New York City as Club Med and Cirque du Soleil strictly announced a partnership on a singular judgment in experiential travel, Club Med CREACTIVE by Cirque du Soleil.

The CREACTIVE judgment will entrance during Club Med Punta Cana in a Dominican Republic in June, where clients will be means to learn many of a sparkling acrobatic disciplines showcased in famed Cirque du Soleil productions. 

Henri Giscard d’Estaing, CEO and authority of Club Med, told Travel Agent Club Med properties in both China and Brazil are being deliberate for a second review to offer these new activities after a entrance in Punta Cana. 

These dual iconic tellurian brands were combined by visionaries who sought to emanate moments of happiness, and both continue to do so by innovative practice that daub into a enterprise for journey and surprise.

The strange CREACTIVE knowledge will entice vacationers to attend in a accumulation of recreational playground acrobatic and artistic activities trimming from high bungee, drifting trapeze, aerial silk, tightrope and trampoline to juggling, percussion and dance or facade painting, among many others.

Guests will be entirely enthralled in a fantastically colorful and talented sourroundings that is tradition designed to inspire both adults and children comparison to learn new skills, play and have fun underneath a organisation of Cirque du Soleil lerned staff, that will assistance them swell and learn astonishing new abilities.


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Discover a Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon. Photo © Grand Canyon National Park Service, protected Creative Commons Attribution.

Grand Canyon is a place of grand play and relaxed vistas, so immeasurable and sundry that any caller will knowledge it from a opposite perspective. Grand Canyon National Park’s mile-deep abyss and 1.2 million acres reason a crowd of experiences, from bustling Grand Canyon Village to furious and secluded wilderness.

Layered cliffs of red, orange, gray, and tan record 3 eras of geological time, with rocks along a Colorado River that are dual billion years old. The ravine itself is 5 or 6 million years aged and still changing. Wind and dampness carve fantastical mill shapes one pellet of silt during a time. But inlet doesn’t always work slowly—a room-sized height of limestone during Mather Point once defeated overnight, and a singular charge remade Crystal Rapid from a mellow float to a maelstrom.

The canyon’s hilly area might demeanour sheer and forbidding, though it has easeful people along a stream and edge for 10,000 years. The local peoples left signs of their flitting in mill art, mill pueblos, and potsherds. Diverse environments, from a North Rim’s boreal forests to a middle canyon’s deserts and river, support some-more than 2,000 class of plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish, including several involved and threatened class and a few class found nowhere else on a planet.

Hiking and rafting a middle ravine might be challenging, though those who enter Grand Canyon’s heart are rewarded with closer looks during facilities mostly dark within a hilly folds—sinuous side canyons, stimulating waterfalls, and soaring monuments of stone. Places like Vishnu Temple and Deer Creek Falls are only tiny pieces of a whole that is deliberate one of a world’s 7 biggest healthy wonders.

Features outward a park’s boundaries—forests, plateaus, and Indian Reservations—add serve perspectives to a ravine experience. You can expostulate adult to a Colorado River during Lees Ferry, towering bike along a Rainbow Rim, or wander onto a Hualapai Reservation’s Skywalk, a 70-foot-long glass-bottomed regard rug that stretches into a canyon.

In 1903, Teddy Roosevelt urged any American to see Grand Canyon. Today, some 5 million visitors any year do, though a Grand Canyon we knowledge is yours alone.

Excerpted from a Sixth Edition of Moon Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Overview

South Rim

West Rim and Hermit Road

North Rim

The Inner Canyon

Get More White, Spend Less Green

Looking to measure a good understanding on a family ski getaway? Smart move. Vacations in a white things are improved when we compensate reduction immature stuff. 

There are many ways to save, starting with opportunities where kids can ski and snowboard for free and snagging discount lift tickets.

Here is a list of handpicked special offers that are now accessible in favorite kid-friendly resorts and destinations in North America by open 2015. This page will be updated regularly, so come behind often.


Squaw Valley
Pay for 3 nights and get your fourth night free.
Travel: Through Feb 2015; trance dates apply.
Book by: Feb 17, 2015

Northstar-on-Tahoe Resort
Book by opening day and save adult to 30 percent.
Travel: 2014-2015 Season
Book by: Nov. 20, 2014

Heavenly Ski Resort
Book early and get your fifth night and fourth day free.
Travel: Nov. 21, 2014-Apr. 20, 2015
Book by: Nov. 15, 2014


Beaver Creek: Beaver Creek, CO
Book early and save adult to 35 percent on a ski getaway.
Travel: Nov. 26, 2014-Apr. 19, 2015
Book by: Nov. 26, 2014

Breckenridge Mountain: Breckenridge, CO
With Breck for a Buck, book 3 nights and lift tickets and get your fourth night’s camp and final day’s lift sheet for $1.
Travel: Nov. 7, 2014-Apr. 19, 2015
Book by: Apr. 15, 2015

Crested Butte: Crested Butte, CO
Book a Early Season BOGO offer and get a giveaway night for each night we compensate for. 
Travel: Nov. 25-Dec. 26, 2014
Book by: Nov. 23, 2014

Keystone Resort: Keystone, CO
Book early and save adult to 40 percent on a ski getaway.
Travel window: Oct. 31, 2014-Apr. 12, 2015
Book by: Oct. 31, 2014

Steamboat Springs
Book the Early Rewards offer and save 25 percent on rises and camp and kids ski free.
Travel: 2014-2015 season
Book by: Nov. 7, 2014

Vail Mountain
Book early and save adult to 40 percent on a ski getaway.
Travel: Nov. 21, 2014-Apr. 19, 2015
Book by: Nov. 21, 2014



Shanty Creek Ski Resort
Book early and save adult to 20 percent on a ski getaway.
Travel: 2014-2015 Season
Book by: Oct. 31, 2014



Golden Arrow Resort: Lake Placid, NY
Book early for lodging discounts during ski season.
Travel: Midweek 2014-2015 Season
Book by: Oct. 31, 2014


Park City Mountain Resort
Book early and save on a ski getway.
Travel: 2014-2015 Season
Book by: Nov. 30, 2014

Canyons Resort
Book early and save adult to 25 percent on a ski getaway.
Travel: Nov. 28, 2014-Apr. 12, 2015
Book by: Nov. 27, 2014



Smugglers’ Notch
Stays of 6 nights or longer and get one giveaway night over a New Year’s holiday. Rates embody condo lodging, daily lift tickets, outside ice skating, use of a exhilarated pool and prohibited tubs, indoor FunZone, dusk sleet tubing, use of cranky nation skiing snowshoeing trails, and nightly entertainment. Guests can ring in a New Year while enjoying a bonfire, torchlight parade, and fireworks, and dance parties and karaoke. A Kids’ Night Out is accessible for children ages 3-11.
Travel: Dec. 26, 2014-Jan. 1, 2015
Book by: Dec. 24, 2014


Last update: Oct. 21, 2014

Swann Galleries Auctions Vintage Travel Posters

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Stat: Scotland Sees Boost in Profits Since Independence Vote

October 24, 2014

Just over a month ago, adults of Scotland voted to sojourn partial of a United Kingdom. Since then, a country’s hotels have seen an important boost in profitability.

By a Numbers

Scottish hoteliers saw a 27.3 percent swell in sum handling distinction per accessible room (the Total Gross Operating Profit for a duration divided by a sum accessible bedrooms during a period) according to a latest information from HotStats. With occupancy remaining probably flat, hotels in Scotland increasing normal room rate (ARR) by 21.7 percent, ensuing in bedrooms income per accessible room climbing by 21.6 percent to £98.56. 

Besides food and beverage, all non-rooms departments accessible certain performances heading to a 13.6 percent growth in sum income per accessible room (TRevPAR).

“Astute payroll and handling cost control” (as HotStats phrased it) helped to raise departmental handling distinction per accessible room (DOPPAR) by 20.0 percent to £97.97, and while overheads per accessible room jumped by 7.3 percent, GOPPAR went adult by 27.3 percent to £67.74.

RELATED: Scotland Votes to Remain Part of UK


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Shailene Woodley fearful of flying [Photos]

Actress Shailene Woodley is severely deliberation confronting her fear of drifting by training how to commander a craft herself.

The Divergent star admits she is a shaken flyer, though is assured she would feel some-more during palliate if she was in a pilot’s chair instead.

She tells U.S. late night horde Craig Ferguson, “I get consistently some-more fearful of drifting on airplanes. we used to not be fearful and now we am. I’m fearful a plane’s going to crash…

“I pronounced that we need to learn how to fly only so that maybe that will take divided a fear. You pretence yourself into meditative you’re in control when you’re unequivocally not… we would adore to learn how to fly.”

Are we fearful to fly?

3 Surprising Things That Make Car Sickness Worse

Scientists may not fully know what causes suit sickness, though they do know who in a family is many expected to be affected. Kids between a ages of 2 and 12 are among a many receptive to nauseousness and dizziness, while babies and toddlers are generally immune.

Thanks to new investigate during colleges, universities and automobile manufacturers, we know some-more than we did a year ago about what can trigger suit sickness. 

Does your child spin immature each time we go on a family highway trip? Here are 3 startling things that competence be worsening her automobile sickness.

Your car’s DVD shade is in a “puke zone.” 
When it comes to backseat party systems, it turns out that plcae can make all a difference. While conceptualizing the 2014 Buick Enclave, a General Motors’ Human Factors group looked during either a chain of a DVD shade impacted a odds of suit illness for backseat passengers. Engineers fast identified a “puke zone” that prohibits kids from saying outward a automobile while examination a screen. It’s belieed that kids are some-more expected to get dizzy when they have singular extraneous views.

To establish a best position for a DVD screen, GM engineers put a party complement on a lane that could slip brazen and back along a roof of an Enclave and afterwards kid-tested it until they found a optimal placement.

After considering the problem of suit sickness, Chrysler has also done some changes. In a 2015 Dodge Durango, for example, a back chair party complement was moved from a core roof to the backs of a front seats.

Your child is personification a touch-control video game.
Does your child adore personification video games in a backseat? According to a investigate during a University of Minnesota, some games are some-more expected than others to means suit sickness. Researchers found that a risk of suit illness was “greatly influenced” by a kind of diversion played on iPads. Gamers personification in hold mode—using fingertip hit on a screen—were scarcely 5 times as expected to get suit illness than gamers personification tilt-control games, such as iPad racing games, that require the gamer to manually control the device.

Your child isn’t listening to his favorite music.
The CDC recommends song daze as one many non-pharmacologic impediment techniques for suit sickness, and investigate shows that song therapy can indeed be profitable during episodes of suit sickness. Researchers during Sienna College used a rotating device famous as an optokinetic drum to satisfy suit illness in participants while they listened to favorite song and found that song lessened symptoms like nausea.

Does your child become queasy each time you take a automobile trip? Here are some preventative stairs to avoid motion sickness as good as natural remedies for suit sickness

‘Best American Riverfront’ selected by readers

Save time. Get connected for FREE to transport specialists. The tour starts right here during

Bigfoot: If it exists, here’s where to find it

The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO) is assured that not usually is there a Bigfoot, yet there are in fact bigfeet scattered opposite a countryside, even as many as 30,000 creatures (a series they acknowledge is a “wild guess”) from a Pacific Northwest and opposite a South from Texas to Georgia.

The specimens in a Northwest are believed to be of a Sasquatch variety, generally loners that equivocate humans, while their cousins in a South, Bigfoot, are believed to be some-more assertive and don’t indispensably bashful divided from tellurian contact. The GCBRO’s argumentative idea is to kill an adult masculine Bigfoot for systematic study.

The efforts of a GCBRO will be featured in a special called “Killing Bigfoot”, airing on Destination America on Oct 24th. we recently spoke with Jim Landsdale, co-founder of a GCBRO, who done a indicate of revelation me that Bigfoot hunts are not usually guys banishment shotguns and celebration beer. The hunts are utterly regimented, “military style,” with importance on gun safety. They are also clever to stay off private skill or secure accede from a landowner forward of time. Hunts can final anywhere from a week to 20 days, exploring paths and following marks day and night.

During a conversation, Landsdale common some of a best places in America to mark Bigfoot, including a following:

“Monster Central”

The supposed “Monster Central,” about 1500 acres, 30 miles south of Shreveport Louisiana, is indeed on Landsdale’s property, where he initial laid eyes on a Bigfoot 20 years ago and where a GCBRO does many of their hunts. They’ve many recently speckled a womanlike bigfoot along with her child, yet given a GCBRO organisation usually wants to collect a masculine specimen, they didn’t pursue. Landsdale says these are sharp, corn-feeding creatures, yet they can also be fearless. When a creatures allegedly started murdering Landsdale’s pets, he resolved to kill one for study.

Northwest Louisiana

The Toledo Bend Reservoir, on a Sabine River between Texas and Louisiana nearby a city of Natchitoches, is a primary area for Bigfoot sightings, infrequently generating dual reports a month. The GCBRO has seen “packs” of Bigfoot here, roaming opposite 4 or 5 parishes.

East Texas

Landsdale reports there is complicated activity stability along a Sabine River by Greg, Harrison and Panola counties in Texas. Five months ago a GCBRO organisation saw a sum of 5 immature creatures scampering around a area in a singular day.

Southeast Oklahoma

The Kiamichi Mountains are a hotbed of Bigfoot activity. A GCBRO member that owns 40 acres in a area claims to customarily get Bigfoot visits around his cabin. A word of caution: The creatures in this area are pronounced to be generally aggressive.


The GCBRO says they accept anywhere from 3 to 5 reports a week from adult and down a stream and a tributaries in a Mississippi Wildlife Management Area (WMA). Other times, an whole month will pass but a report. Based on this and other evidence, a organisation has resolved that Bigfoot people and families of adult to 10 creatures are substantially sport in geographic loops on a roughly 72 hour cycle, imagining from their bedding area, relocating to several sport grounds, and behind to their bedding area. As with most of a South, it’s theorized that Bigfoot prefers this area for a meridian and contentment of foliage and animals.


This area is best famous for a Fouke Monster, aka “Southern Sasquatch,” nearby a city of Fouke in Miller County, Arkansas. A book and a series of films have been made, formed on this legend. Fouke was a initial famous accumulation of sasquatch, with usually 3 toes (Bigfoot class can have three, 4 or 5 toes), and are aggressive, disposed to murdering pigs and terrorizing people. Landsdale believes a 3 toed creatures might be inbreeding, creation them some-more assertive than their 4 and five-toed cousins.


The Appalachian Mountains in a northwest partial of a state, utterly nearby a Benton-MacKaye Trail off Highway 515, are pronounced to get sightings 4 or 5 times a month. Though this is one of a hottest tools of Georgia, caves yield retreat from a feverishness and there is abounding foliage and animals.

Washington State

The west coastal areas of Washington State have several reports of sightings, including Kitsap County, that has had utterly a few sightings in 2014 alone, as good as Bumping Lake and Skooum Valley. The seashore is pronounced to be elite by these sasquatch for a climate, as it’s never unequivocally prohibited or cold, and there’s copiousness of accessible foliage and meat. Again, a sasquatch in this segment tend to be reduction aggressive, some-more expected to be loners, and stay divided from people.

Northern California

Bluff Creek is famous for a hotly debated Patterson film, display footage of “Patty” in 1967. Since then, masculine marks have been found in a sleet in a area. Caves yield insurance from a elements between hunts, that insist all winter, as Sasquatch don’t hibernate.