Wanderlust: The Portland of Portugal

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Tropicana Las Vegas Will Open Sky Beach Club

Van Gogh’s bedroom recreated in Chicago as Airbnb rental

CHICAGO — Art lovers have a possibility to spend one starry night in Vincent Van Gogh’s bedroom for usually $10.

The Art Institute of Chicago flashy a one-bedroom unit to demeanour like Van Gogh’s portrayal of his bedroom in a south of France. The room in Chicago’s River North community is listed on Airbnb as if a artist himself were renting it for money to buy paint.

Renters also will get tickets to a Art Institute’s “Van Gogh’s Bedrooms” exhibition, that opens Sunday and runs by May 10.

Museum mouthpiece Amanda Hicks says Feb dates for a unit stays filled within mins of a graduation being announced Tuesday night.

More openings will be announced on a Art Institute’s amicable media channels. Another distraction of a bedroom is in a Van Gogh exhibit.

San Ramón and a Nectandra Cloud Forest Garden

San Ramón, about 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) due west of Naranjo and one kilometer (0.6 miles) north of Highway 1, is a gateway to a northern lowlands around a towering highway that crests a cordillera, afterwards starts a prolonged devious skirmish to La Tigra.

This rural and university city is famous for a Saturday feria del agricultor (farmers market). The considerable Parroquia de San Ramón Noñato church on a categorical block is built of steel done by a Krupp armament bureau in Germany. It has a pleasing colonial tile building and stained-glass windows. The San Ramón Museum (tel. 506/2437-7137, 9am-5pm Tues.-Sat., free) on a north side of a plaza, concentrates on internal art exhibits; one room is dedicated to healthy history. Curious to see a tellurian bud recorded in formaldehyde? It has one.

A child studies a recorded citation in a San Ramón Museum. Photo © Christopher P. Baker.

Nectandra Cloud Forest Garden

Nature lovers will disturb to hiking a trails during Nectandra Cloud Forest Garden (tel./fax 506/2445-4642, 7am-5pm Tues.-Sun., $60, includes guided tour, deposition required), 15 kilometers (9.5 miles) north of San Ramón. It’s surrounded by 104 hectares (257 acres) of timberland haven where quetzals can be seen while hiking a 8 kilometers (5 miles) of well confirmed trails. It has a visitors core and a café. Reservations are required.


The San Lorenzo Canopy Tour (tel. 506/2447-9331), 32 kilometers (20 miles) north of San Ramón, has dual zip-line options: The initial facilities 13 platforms, 8 cables, and dual unresolved bridges travelling dual guided trails; or we can take a Adventure Cable Tour by zip line regulating 6 cables, a longest 850 meters (2,800 feet). The latter has dual together cables, so we can competition your best friend. Each costs $35 for 90 minutes, or $55 for both. There’s also a canyoneering choice involving a rapids rappel ($50), and an choice to fly like Superman in a harness, guided hiking, stream rafting, and a night tour.

Where to Stay

Years ago we offering a float to Habitat for Humanity volunteers Christopher Panzer and his Peruvian wife, Luisa. “You also sealed a duplicate of my dog-eared Moon Handbook,” he reminded me by email. The integrate now operates a superb BB: Set on a hilltop with marvellous views a few kilometers northeast of town, Casa Amanecer Bed Breakfast (tel. 506/2445-2100, $65 s, $75 d) is a family-friendly and holistic place. Constructed of teak with glassy petrify in minimalist style, a 4 colorful bedrooms are ornate with Latin American racial art. All bedrooms have atmospheric walk-in showers and lonesome verandas with rockers for enjoying a views. Vegetarian dishes are served, massages are offered, and a loll doubles as an art gallery. Guests are done to feel like family friends.

Villablanca Cloud Forest Hotel. Photo © Harvey Barrison, protected Creative Commons usage.

Villablanca Cloud Forest Hotel Nature Reserve (tel. 506/2461-3800, low deteriorate from $170 s/d, high deteriorate from $189 s/d) sits atop a Continental Divide on a corner of a Los Ángeles reserve. The categorical lodge, once a colonial farmhouse, now boasts a hip contemporary face-lift. The 35 friendly chalets, that nap 2 to 6 people, some wheelchair-accessible, are allocated with handmade hardwood pieces, tiny fireplaces, and both a bathtub and outrageous walk-in showering and (in suites) apart spin tubs large adequate for a Playboy party.

The full-service sauna is acquire after a day of hiking or horseback riding. The bar-lounge, with dual outrageous hearths, flat-screen TVs, and plump leather sofas, is inviting, and there’s even a surround-sound film museum (a inlet documentary is shown during 6pm daily, followed by a tip film during 8pm). This hotel prides itself on carrying warranted 5 “leaves” in a Certification for Sustainable Tourism program. The hotel’s El Sendero Restaurant serves epicurean Latin American transport in a grand ambience recalling a hotel’s plantation heritage.

Getting There and Around

Buses (tel. 506/2222-0064) for San Ramón skip San José ($1.60) each 45 mins 5:50am-10pm daily from Calle 16, Avenidas 10/12. Taxis work from a categorical plaza, or call Taxis San Ramón (tel. 506/2445-5966 or 506/2445-5110).

Excerpted from a Tenth Edition of Moon Costa Rica.

Sikh Actor Is Allowed to Fly Home to U.S. Wearing His Turban

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Celebrity Offers Pre-Cruise Itinerary in a South of France

February 10, 2016

By: Natalie Maneval

French Riviera
Photo by Freeimages.com/Oceane Pham

Travel Agent recently attended an event hosted by Atout France and Celebrity Cruises. The dusk distinguished a flourishing partnership between France and Celebrity Cruises. 

Last year, France ranked fifth in Europe in terms of mercantile impact of cruising, an estimated $1.262 billion. And guest of Celebrity Cruises can now book a debate of a South of France with a pre-cruise module from Celebrity Explorations.

The channel will take a singular series of guest to revisit Avignon, Aix-en-Provence, L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, and Nice. Afterwards, a guest will house Celebrity Equinox, sailing from Barcelona, Istanbul or Rome.

The finish package includes airfare from Nice to Rome, Barcelona or Istanbul to house Equinox, airfare from Barcelona or Rome to JFK, depending on itinerary, hotel stays for a 5 nights, all breakfasts, dual lunches and dual dinners. This package will also yield guest with 3 guided tours in France, a journey aboard Equinox, all transfers and all journey taxation and fees.

We consider it is a best approach to see Europe, being it is all bundled underneath one program, and it is entirely escorted, explains Susana Romero, comparison  manager sales, selling and code development, Celebrity Vacations Celebrity Xpedition.

Bookings are accessible into 2017.  


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Diving Santuario de Flora y Fauna Malpelo

Covering around 900,000 hectares (2.2 million acres) of stable Pacific Ocean waters and a little Isla Malpelo in Colombia, a Santuario de Flora y Fauna Malpelo (COP$85,000-159,000) was determined in 1995. The area was announced a Particularly Sensitive Sea Area by a International Maritime Organization in 2002 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006. The high volcanic stone of Isla Malpelo is scarcely 500 kilometers (300 miles) from a seashore of Colombia. It is administered by Parques Nacionales (tel. 1/353-2400, ext. 138).

Even gifted divers will be blown divided by a farrago of sea life in a Santuario de Flora y Fauna Malpelo. Photo © Fundación Malpelo y Otros Ecosistemas Marinos.

It is a largest no-fishing section in a Eastern Tropical Pacific, so creation it one of a tip places for diving in a world.It is a largest no-fishing section in a Eastern Tropical Pacific, so creation it one of a tip places for diving in a world. There are 11 categorical dive sites, including a many critical site, La Nevera, where it is common to see scores of hammerhead sharks. The low waters surrounding a island are home to some of a many critical coral formations in a Colombian Pacific. Mollusks and crustaceans, fish such as snapper, involved mero (grouper), vast populations of hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, object ray sharks, and manta rays are found in contentment in a sanctuary. It is one of a few places in a universe where a short-nosed ragged-toothed shark, a deepwater shark, has been spotted. Inhospitable to most animal life, a island is home to crabs, lizards, and geckos. Among birds, a largest cluster in a universe of a Nazca butt is found on Malpelo.

Malpelo is for gifted divers only. To get there we contingency coordinate with one of a following certified diving debate groups:

  • Out of Buenaventura: Embarcaciones Asturías (tel. 2/242-4620, dungeon tel. 313/767-2864)
  • From Cali: Pacific Diving (tel. 2/558-3903, seawolfaboard@gmail.com) and Arrecifes del Pacífico (tel. 2/514-1691, dungeon tel. 321/642-6015)
  • Out of Panama City: Coiba Dive Expeditions (tel. 507/232-0216) and a German organisation Inula UAA Adventures (tel. 507/667-95620, inuladiving@gmail.com)

The Fundación Malpelo is a nonprofit classification operative to strengthen this sanctuary. The island is underneath consistent hazard from bootleg fishing, quite of hammerhead sharks. In 2012 it was estimated that 200 tons of fish were illegally held in a Colombian Pacific, mostly by boats hailing from Costa Rica, Ecuador, and from Asian countries. During Holy Week, shark fin meal is sole in Buenaventura.

Excerpted from a First Edition of Moon Colombia.

Bolivian group and women in aroused collect festival punch up, in pictures

  • Hitching a float opposite a Sahara

    10 Feb 2016

  • Pictures of a day

    10 Feb 2016

  • Bolivia’s second largest lake dries up

    22 Jan 2016

In How about that

Men and women dressed in charming garments take partial in a aroused protocol - famous as The Machu Tinku - in sequence to greatfully a internal Goddess Pachamama so she will concede a cultivatable harvest. The fighting takes place in Macha, in a Andes Mountains, Bolivia, and is deliberate a dedicated sermon of a Quechua Indians. 

Bolivia’s travel fighting women


Hitching a float opposite a Sahara

A equine has been speckled sporting a pretentious blonde locks that looks like it could be a wig. The equine was photographed by Batzaya Choijiljav in Mongolia where temperatures have forsaken to reduction 40 degrees. 

Pictures of a day


Paintings by Hitler auctioned

North Korean personality Kim Jong Un watches a prolonged operation rocket launch 

Kim Jong-un: His weird photoshoots


China’s record violation potion bridge


E-fit rogues gallery


Climate Change May Make Transatlantic Flights Longer

Climate change could impact transatlantic travel, creation westbound flights longer and costing airlines an additional $22 million per year in fuel — that will expected lead to aloft sheet prices for travelers.

A investigate published Wednesday in a biography Environmental Research Letters says that jet tide winds are expected to grow stronger, creation it some-more formidable — and dear — for planes to make a westward journey. The good news, however, is that flights from a U.S. to Europe will be around 15 percent shorter.

Since a jet tide is governed by a heat differences that start during high altitudes between pleasant and frigid regions, a change in those temperatures could lead to an boost in jet tide flow.

All in all, a change in winds will usually hook on an normal of about a notation and 18 seconds to any particular turn outing — though when double by a many flights that make a outing each year, a fuel prices and environmental impact start to supplement up.

“There is a strong boost in a round-trip tour time, that means planes spending longer in a air,” investigate author Dr. Paul Williams, an windy scientist during a University of Reading, told a BBC. “When we supplement that adult for all transatlantic aircraft we get an additional 2,000 hours of planes in a atmosphere each year, with $22 million additional in fuel costs and 70 million kg of CO2.”

The investigate also remarkable that “record-breaking eastward transatlantic channel times […] will start with augmenting magnitude in a entrance decades. We also calculate that a luck of a westbound channel holding over 7 hours scarcely doubles from 8.6 percent to 15.3 percent, suggesting that behind arrivals in North America will turn increasingly common.”

“The aviation attention is confronting vigour to revoke a environmental impacts, though this investigate shows a new approach in that aviation is itself receptive to a effects of meridian change,” Williams resolved in a study. “This outcome will boost a fuel costs to airlines, potentially lifting sheet prices, and it will wear a environmental impacts of aviation.”

Read More: World Leaders in Paris Agree to ‘Historic’ Deal on Climate Change

Pursuits: Chasing Redfish Off a South Texas Gulf Coast

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