Hilo’s Wailoa River State Recreation Area

To a easterly of downtown Hilo is Waiakea Pond, a brackish firth where people mostly fish, nonetheless that competence not be such a good thought given a rumored levels of pollution. The Wailoa River State Recreation Area, that encompasses a lagoon, is a 132-acre safety set along both sides of this spring-fed pond. City residents use this vast extended area for picnics, pleasure walks, spontaneous get-togethers, fishing, and rising boats. On a eastern side are cruise pavilions and grill grills. Arching footbridges cranky a stream joining a halves.

Nearby stands a Tsunami Memorial to a residents of this area who mislaid their lives in that healthy disaster.
Stop during a Wailoa Arts Cultural Center on a western side for traveller information and informative displays (Mon.-Tues. and Thurs.-Fri. 8:30am-4:30pm, Wed. noon-4:30pm). The walls in a upstairs gallery of this 10-sided building are used to arrangement works of internal artists and cultural/historic exhibits, altered on a unchanging basis. On a reduce turn hang startling cinema of a 1946 and 1960 tsunamis that cleared by a city. The Wailoa Center sits in a extended swath of greenery, an open, halcyon park-like area that used to be a tighten bustling area famous as Shinmachi. It, like most of a city, was roughly totally broken during a tsunami of 1960. Nearby stands a Tsunami Memorial to a residents of this area who mislaid their lives in that healthy disaster.

A rainbow is held mimicking a overpass in Hilo’s Wailoa River State Park. Photo © Tristan Schmurr, protected Creative Commons Attribution.

Also tighten by is a county Vietnam War Memorial, dedicated to those who died fighting that war, and a statue of King Kamehameha, a new chronicle of that that graces a city of Kapa‘au during a northern tip of a island.

East of Waiakea Pond and opposite Manono Street you’ll see Ho‘olulu Park, with a Civic Center Auditorium and countless jaunty stadiums. This is a town’s core for orderly jaunty events, vast informative festivals, a yearly Merrie Monarch Festival, and a annual county fair.

Excerpted from a First Edition of Moon Hawaiian Islands.

Romantic Getaways in a Belize Cayes

On a arise as a marriage and oppulance honeymoon escape, Belize offers easy romance, though there are a few singular places and ways to knowledge a best of all a magic.

Toll overpass joining San Pedro with north Ambergris Caye. Photo © Lebawit Lily Girma.

Romantic Lodging

  • Infinity pools, a beach, and all-around island glam wait during Victoria House on Ambergris Caye. Opt for a beachfront thatch-roofed casita.
  • On Ambergris Caye, Tranquility Bay Resort offers privacy along a pleasing swim-to-snorkel white-sand beach.
  • Dive or snorkel together daily while staying during Isla Marisol Resort on Glover’s Reef Atoll. Stargaze, stay out on a beach, or live it adult in your seafront villa with views of a Belize Barrier Reef.

Fine Dining

  • Reserve a list for dual during Habaneros on Caye Caulker, where you’ll sup on a candlelit porch to a sound of live Latin ballads.
  • Share a dish during a beachfront Blue Water Grill, where a zephyr and waves drown out a differently bustling open dining room.
  • Opt for privacy underneath tiki torches during a beachfront Barracuda Bar and Grill in Hopkins Village, where we should splurge on a five-course meal, toes buried in sand.
  • Indulge in uninformed locate and singular cooking like lobster wontons, before or after dipping in a pool or snuggling on a cot during Rojo Lounge on northern Ambergris Caye.
  • Head off a beaten San Pedro trail and suffer excellent dining during Casa Picasso, set in a residential villa incited restaurant. Savor tapas and entrées in a dimly lit, friendly dining room with a regretful turn-of-the-20th-century feel.

Outdoor Adventures

  • Catch a stately sunset on Caye Caulker by kayaking a deux or hopping on a sunset vessel ride. While examination a object go down, suffer a vessel captain’s creatively done conch ceviche and sip on some bubbly.
  • Stop during Billy Barquedier National Park to suffer a waterfalls and surrounding mount pool, easeful by a sprouting canope.
  • Head off a beaten trail to Río Blanco National Park for a park knowledge but a crowds.

    Billy Barquedier National Park. Photo © Lebawit Lily Germa.

Secluded Escapes

  • Take it adult a nick by renting an whole island for yourselves. Spend 3 blithe days in a wooden home on two-acre French Louie Caye, finish with a caretaker to prepare your uninformed catch. The sky-blue cottages on Ranguana Caye and a ideal mix of gin-clear seas and white sands are formidable to resist.
  • Get mislaid off a low southern tip of Belize by holing adult in your wooden, reef-facing cabin on Lime Caye.

Excerpted from a First Edition of Moon Belize Cayes.

Paris Climate Protests Turn Violent during Site of Memorials

. Demonstrators strife with demonstration military nearby a Place de la Republique.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls denounced a assault opposite military in a tweet, observant that respecting a square, used to compensate loyalty to conflict victims, “is to honour a memory of victims.” Eric Gaillard / Reuters

Edificio Kavanagh, Argentina

Edificio Kavanagh
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Edificio Kavanagh, on a Plaza San Martin in downtown Buenos Aires, is a
famous art deco building from a 1930’s.

Read about Buenos Aires

More Pictures of Argentina

All about Buenos Aires

All about Argentina

Photograph displayed with a kind accede of Bob Frassinetti

Delayed: Airplanes wait longer to strech runways for takeoff

NEW YORK — On a new morning, Delta Air Lines Flight 435 pushed behind early from a embankment during New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. Passengers watched a reserve video and staid in for a six-hour trip.

Then they waited. And waited.

Still within steer of a gate, their jet sat quiescent due to airfield congestion. It wasn’t until 30 mins after passengers buckled in that they were finally in a sky.

It’s a stage personification out opposite a country. According to an Associated Press analysis, airplanes spent 23 mins and 32 seconds, on average, taxiing between gates and runways during a initial 9 months of a year. That’s a longest it has been given a Bureau of Transportation Statistics started tracking cab times in 1995 and a 50-second boost over final year’s average.

For passengers, a rising delays supplement to a frustrations of travel. A craft competence land early nonetheless afterwards lay watchful for a embankment to open up. Flights are still nearing “on time” nonetheless usually given airlines have augmenting scheduled drifting times to comment for a combined cab times. The Delta moody done it to a embankment in San Francisco 10 mins forward of report notwithstanding a takeoff delays.

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The climb in cab times is attributed to a array of changes: vast runway construction projects during some of a nation’s busiest airports; report changes that boost a series of flights during rise hours; and new, detached runways that soothe overload nonetheless need some-more time to reach.

“It’s genocide by a thousand cuts,” says Vikram Krishnan, a partner in a aviation use of consultancy Oliver Wyman.

The problems on a belligerent are costing airlines dearly.

“Two, three, four, 5 mins in a swift of 500 planes a day is poignant amounts of money,” says aviation consultant Mike Boyd.

That translates into hundreds of millions of dollars additional in handling costs so distant this year, according to AP calculations factoring in normal handling costs including commander and moody attendant salaries.

Airlines contend a longer cab times are baked into schedules, so planes generally still arrive on time. So distant this year, 79% of flights have been during a embankment within 15 mins of their scheduled time, a best opening given 2012.

Passengers competence be spending some-more time on planes, nonetheless airlines are improved handling their expectations by augmenting scheduled times. That masks some of a problems, like cab delays.

For instance, 10 years ago a normal scheduled time from embankment to embankment between Chicago and San Francisco was 4 hours and 32 minutes. Today, flights are scheduled for an additional 11 minutes, according to PlaneStats.com — even nonetheless airports in a dual cities are a same 1,846 miles apart.

All it takes are a few problems during some of a country’s busiest airports to expostulate adult a inhabitant cab time average.

The tip delinquent in a past year was Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Of all a additional cab time mins in a nation, one of out of 5 additional mins can be traced behind to delays during O’Hare.

What is a longest volume of time you’ve been behind during an airport?

Planes in Chicago this year spent an normal of 1 notation and 18 seconds additional navigating a taxiways. And cab times are adult 3 mins and 24 seconds from 5 years ago, a 15 per cent increase. Those delays supplement adult deliberation that O’Hare had 227,358 flights during a initial 9 months of this year.

Most of a problems during O’Hare branch from a construction plan that is reconfiguring taxiways and runways. The long-term idea is to revoke overload nonetheless delays racked adult during a construction. A new runway did only open, nonetheless serve divided from a airport’s terminals. Longer trips from that runway are not nonetheless reflected in supervision data.

In an email to a AP, O’Hare officials note that cab times “will vacillate as construction phases are started or finished” and that a work is assisting to revoke delays in a sky around a airport.

Delays have also been climbing during a dual categorical airports in Dallas, nonetheless for opposite reasons.

At Dallas Love Field, cab times are adult dual minutes, or 13-per cent, so distant this year. That’s a top per cent benefit of any vital airport. Home to Southwest Airlines, Love Field saw a series of scheduled flights during a initial 9 months of this year spike 41 per cent to 47,438 after a dissolution of a sovereign law restricting many long-distance flights from that airport.

Terry L. Mitchell, a airport’s partner executive for operations, says a boost in flights, construction projects and a use of a serve runway to revoke sound concerns of neighbours all led to a run adult in cab times. Now that construction is finish and a airfield during capacity, he expects no serve expansion in cab times.

Across city during Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, cab times climbed dual and a half minutes, or 11.7%. In this case, a boost was due to new scheduling procedures by American Airlines, that carries 82% of a passengers during a airport.

American groups together vast numbers of flights in Dallas — and a other hubs — to concede passengers easy connections. In March, a airline reconfigured a report so some-more flights arrive and skip in a narrower rope of time. That meant shorter layovers in a airport, some-more tie options for passengers and some-more income opportunities for a airline. However, a adjustments also extended cab times. American accounted for those increases in a schedule.

“When they try to squeeze as many flights as probable into their hubbing complexes,” says airline consultant Paul Sterbenz, “they emanate logjams.”

Where to Catch Havana’s Cabarets Espectáculos

Spectacular, gaudy, decadent, or a multiple of all three, Havana’s cabarets espectáculos really deliver. From a implausible and barbarous two-hour uncover during a Las Vegas character Tropicana nightclub to tiny campy shows followed by erotic disco, here’s where to go to knowledge it all.

Las Vegas Cabaret in Vedado. Photo © Christopher P. Baker.

Centro Habana and Cerro

Cabaret Nacional (San Rafael, esq. Prado, tel. 07/863-2361, CUC5), in a grubby groundwork of a Gran Teatro, has a medium espectáculo nightly during 10pm. The campy uncover routinely doesn’t start until after and is followed by a disco. A dress formula applies. It packs in Cubans on weekends for erotic dancing; evidently customarily couples are admitted.

Vedado and Plaza de la Revolución

The many intemperate uncover is a Cabaret Parisien (Calle O, esq. 21, tel. 07/836-3564, CUC30, or CUC58 with dinner), in a Hotel Nacional. The Cubano Cubano uncover is offering Sun.-Fri. during 10pm and is followed by a Latin dance school. The cooking special (CUC50-70) is best avoided. The place is close and fills with smoke, and while a uncover is nowhere nearby a scale of a Tropicana, it has copiousness of tone and feeling and avoids a prolonged trek out to a Tropicana.

The Cabaret Copa Room (Paseo y Malecón, tel. 07/834-4228, CUC20, or CUC45 with cooking and cocktail), in a Hotel Habana Riviera, hosts a musical (Wed.-Mon. during 10:30pm). The venue mostly facilities a tip names in live Cuban music, such as Los Van Van. It’s one of Havana’s tip spots for critical salsa fans.

A classical Harley-Davidson, an aged Pontiac, and a 1957 open-top, canary-yellow Chevy supplement a thespian effect.Catering mostly to a traveller crowd, Habana Café (Paseo, e/ 1ra y 3ra, tel. 07/833-3636, ext. 147, nightly 8pm-3am), adjoining a Hotel Meliá Cohiba, offers musical during 8:30pm. A classical Harley-Davidson, an aged Pontiac, and a 1957 open-top, canary-yellow Chevy supplement a thespian effect, as does an aeroplane dangling from a ceiling. Entrance is customarily free, though a CUC5 consumo mínimo relates (entrance costs CUC30 when tip bands such as Los Van Van and Charanga Habanera play). Legendary percussionist Amadito Valdés plays on Thursday night.

Playa (Miramar and Beyond)

The tiny alfresco musical during La Cecilia (5ta Av. #11010, e/ 110 y 112, tel. 07/204-1562, Fri.-Sat. 10pm-3am, Fri. CUC5, Sat. CUC10) draws monied expats and Cuba’s childish hipsters for a disco that follows. Top bands mostly perform (CUC20-25).

Cuba’s catwalk divas strut during La Maison (Calle 16 #701, esq. 7ma, Miramar, tel. 07/204-1546, Thurs.-Sun. 10pm, CUC5), eminent for a desfiles de modas (fashion shows) and cabaret espectáculo in a patio garden of an superb aged mansion.


Cuba’s premier Las Vegas-style nightclub is a Tropicana (Calle 72 #4504 y Línea del Ferrocarril, Marianao, tel. 07/267-1717, nightly 10pm, opening CUC75/85/95, cameras CUC5, videos CUC15), that has been in continual operation given New Year’s Eve 1939, when it was a many decorated nightclub in a universe (celebrities such as Nat “King” Cole, Josephine Baker, and Carmen Miranda headlined a show, that was so renouned that a 50-passenger “Tropicana Special” flew nightly from Miami for an dusk of entertainment).

Sexy Las Vegas-style cabarets, such as Tropicana, sojourn a tack of Cuban entertainment. Photo © Christopher P. Baker.

Patrons watch enraptured as a unit of near-naked showgirls parades down a aisles wearing see-through physique stockings and intense chandeliers atop their heads, while rainbow-hued searchlights brush over hardly clad, gaudily feathered, long-legged showgirls parading among a floodlit palm trees. The uncover boasts some-more than 200 performers, a fanciful orchestra, and startling acrobatic feats. The two-hour musical takes place in a alfresco Salón Bajo Las Estrellas; on stormy nights, it’s hold in a Salon Arcos de Cristal.

The opening price is vast (CUC95 gets we a stageside seat) though includes a bottle of rum with cola, a potion of inexpensive champagne, and a inexpensive cigar. It’s best to book in allege by your hotel debate desk, as a uncover mostly sells out. Beware rip-offs by a waiters, who mostly wait until a finish of a uncover to check we for any incidentals, afterwards disappear but bringing your change.

Excerpted from a First Edition of Moon Havana.

Best Kayaking in Kailua

Kailua Beach Park

The same reasons that make Kailua Beach Park an appealing end for swimming, stand-up paddling—shallow and ease water, and pleasing views all around—make it a heart for kayaking on O‘ahu. You can launch from Kailua Beach Park and paddle out to Flat Island, or paddle adult and down a coast. Another renouned place to launch from is Lanikai.

For first-time kayakers, a organisation debate is a good approach to get proficient with a water.Those not gentle with a small clout on a sea aspect can also boat in Ka‘elepulu Stream, that spills into a sea during Kailua Beach Park. The tide opens adult into Ka‘elepulu Pond, a wetland area that was flooded to emanate a Enchanted Lake neighborhood. The H2O in a tide will enclose civic runoff, and if a mouth of a tide has not non-stop in some time, it can be a bit stinky. On a other side of a coin, a H2O will be smooth, calm, and some-more stable from a wind. Just try not to get wet. For first-time kayakers, a organisation debate is a good approach to get proficient with a water.

Mokulua Islands

The Mokulua Islands, reduction than a mile offshore from Kailua Beach, are a renouned draw. You can indeed land on Moku Nui, a larger, some-more northern island. There’s an mouth-watering beach on a leeward side, only make certain to lift your boat all a approach adult to a rocks to concede other people to land. Pack a lunch and put your camera in a dry pouch since a perspective of mainland O‘ahu from a island is breathtaking. There is route that circles a island, though make certain to sojourn on a route since a island is a seabird nesting sanctuary.

Kayakers rest on a beach of Moku Nui, looking behind towards O‘ahu. Photo © jongela19, protected Creative Commons Attribution No-Derivatives.


In Kailua, we can lease kayaks during Hawaiian WaterSports (167 Hamakua Dr., 808/262-5483, 9am-5pm daily). Single kayaks start during $49 half day, and double kayaks start during $59 half day. All rentals embody life vests, paddles, seats, backrests, and dry bags. Add a snorkel set to a boat let for an additional $15. They also offer two- and four-hour organisation and private tours of Kane‘ohe Bay and a Mokulua Islands. Rates start during $99 per chairman for a organisation debate and $179 for private tours.

Windward Watersports (33 Hoolai St., 808/261-7873, 9am-5pm daily) rents singular kayaks starting during $49 half day, double kayaks for $55 half day, and triple kayaks for $79 half day. Kayaks can be picked adult during their sell store or forsaken off and prepared for we during a beach. They offer a three-hour guided outing to Flat Island and Lanikai Beach for $95, a four-hour guided journey that includes a outing to a Mokulua Islands and lunch for $125, and a six-hour guided fishing speed starting during $175.

Twogood Kayaks (134B Hamakua Dr., 808/262-5656, 9am-6pm Mon.-Fri., 8am-6pm Sat.-Sun.) rents singular kayaks for $45 half day and tandem kayaks for $55 half day. Rentals come with a paddle, though there is an additional assign for a dry bag and backrest. They offer giveaway smoothness of kayaks to Ka‘elepulu Stream during Kailua Beach Park and simple instruction. They will broach kayaks to other Kailua areas for $15. Twogood Kayaks has dual packages that run 9am-3pm: an Adventure Package for $75 per chairman with boat rental, life jacket, paddle, lunch, and round-trip travel from Waikiki and a Guided Tour for $125 per chairman with extras like a guide, snorkel gear, dry bag, and backrest.

Just opposite a travel from Kailua Beach Park you’ll find Kailua Sailboards Kayaks (130 Kailua Rd., Ste. 101B, 808/262-2555 or 888/457-5737, 8:30am-5pm daily). They lease singular kayaks for $59 half day, and high-performance singular kayaks and double kayaks for $69 half day. Dry bag, cooler, and backrest are an additional fee. They have a four-hour guided debate for beginners that includes snorkeling, travel from your hotel, and lunch for $129 adults and $114 children 8-12; a two-hour guided boat debate with a one-hour massage after your paddle for $229; a four-hour guided journey of Kailua Bay, Flat Island, and a Mokulua Islands with snorkeling, lunch, and hotel travel for $179; and a six-hour scrutiny debate for gifted kayakers with snorkeling, lunch, and hotel pickup for $249.


Excerpted from a First Edition of Moon Hawaiian Islands.

Taking a Xe Om in Vietnam

Xe om (motorbike taxis) are a renouned and inexpensive means of travel used via a country. Drivers—usually men—perch atop their vehicles on travel corners nearby open parks or in bustling traveller areas, watchful to packet passengers to their elite destinations around town. As a foreigner, you’ll no doubt come into hit with during slightest a few of these two-wheeled vehicles and their drivers, as xe om drivers mostly call out to flitting pedestrians in sequence to drum adult business. Don’t be astounded if we hear a “YOU! Motorbiiiiike!” or “Xe om! Xe om!” as we proceed a travel corner, even if you’re not looking for a ride.

Motorbikes are a many common form of travel in Vietnam. Photo © Dana Filek-Gibson.

In a nation so smitten of two-wheeled vehicles, xe om are a good approach to knowledge a loyal beat of vital cities like Saigon or Hanoi.While xe om are an easy and affordable approach to get around, many unfamiliar visitors also find them to be a hair-raising experience. Xe om drivers, like Manhattan cabbies, pierce during their possess pace, that is customarily breakneck, and challenge many of a laws of physics, not to discuss traffic. In a nation so smitten of two-wheeled vehicles, xe om are a good approach to knowledge a loyal beat of vital cities like Saigon or Hanoi. However, if a xe om motorist is racing down a one-way travel in a wrong direction, voice your regard if we feel unsafe. While a “helmets” supposing by xe om drivers would substantially infer invalid in an accident, it’s compulsory by law to wear one. Even if we are suggested otherwise, it’s critical to insist on some headgear, during slightest when in a city.

When holding a xe om, have a residence of your end created down, as not each motorist speaks English, and always determine on a cost before we set off. Xe om fares are open to negotiation. Feel giveaway to haggle, though once you’ve staid on a cost mount firm. Drivers will infrequently continue to negotiate their price once you’ve already hopped on. If we mount your belligerent and hang to a strange agreement afterwards your xe om motorist will customarily lay off.

With few education compulsory over a motorbike permit and a full tank of gas, xe om drivers are a churned bag: There are many honest, overworked group who make a vital this way, but, like any profession, there are also a few bad apples. For this reason, it is strongly endorsed that we opt for taxis over xe om when roving during night, as it’s not unheard of for passengers to be attacked or even thrown off a motorbike after dark, and a xe om motorist is infrequently in on a deal. Be clever when streamer behind to your hotel after a night on a town, as it’s also probable that your xe om motorist has had as most to splash as we have. Never bound on a motorbike with someone who appears to be intoxicated—the streets of Vietnam can be dangerous adequate as it is.

Excerpted from a First Edition of Moon Vietnam.

Macau’s Gambling Business Rides Out Losing Streak

MACAU – The burglary of millions of dollars from investors in a Macau trip user has sparked months of protests and hastened a passing of a business indication that greased a wheels of a $44 billion tellurian gambling heart for over a decade.

Brandishing banners and loudspeakers, dozens of investors have protested outward Wynn Macau Ltd’s casino for dual months, perfectionist a lapse of income stolen by an worker of trip user Dore Entertainment Co. Ltd and accusing Dore’s conduct of dodging responsibility.

The crime has left a trip industry’s repute in rags and sped adult a Chinese territory’s change divided from VIP gamblers – who used to criticism for some-more than 80 percent of a gaming revenues – to a mass-market shred of reduction rich Chinese tourists.

“We do see stabilization in mass, distinct in VIP where it continues to dump like a rock,” Nomura researcher Richard Huang pronounced in Hong Kong.

Macau’s change towards a mass marketplace plays into Beijing’s altogether plan to make a former Portuguese cluster a world-class tourism heart rather than a stadium for hurtful officials and businessmen.

Sports Gambling Ring Busted, 17 Indicted, Officials Say

In a initial for a territory, Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd, a try co-owned by Macau noble Lawrence Ho and Australian aristocrat James Packer, non-stop a $3.2 billion Hollywood-themed casino in Oct with no VIP gaming tables.

Speaking to investors after a opening, Ho pronounced Macau’s VIP zone had been “permanently and structurally changed.”

Bad timing

The Dore liaison could not have come during a worse time for Macau’s junkets, a companies or people who loan credit to gamblers, especially VIPs, on interest of Macau’s casinos.

Revenues have dusty adult due to China’s mercantile slack and an anti-corruption debate that has targeted a moody of unlawful collateral from a mainland. Analysts guess a series of trip tables has depressed by a third given a start of 2015, and about 100 trip operators have left out of business.

Dore, that operated 3 VIP gaming bedrooms in Wynn Macau, reported in late Sep that an worker had pocketed income that was meant to open new credit lines to big-spending gamblers.

Will Ruling That Fantasy Sports Are Gambling Blow Whistle on Games?

Police contend some-more than HK$500 million ($64.52 million) was stolen, nonetheless investors contend a sum is closer to HK$2 billion.

Steve Vickers, former conduct of a Hong Kong’s rapist comprehension business and owner of a risk consultancy, pronounced about 50 distinguished members of Hong Kong’s party attention were among those defrauded.

“This is not surprising. The triads have prolonged had symbiotic links with both a junkets and a party sector,” he said, referring to Chinese orderly crime.

Many investors contend Dore’s boss, Charles Heung Wah Keung, an purported threesome crime squad member, should mount adult and be accountable for their losses.

“Dore’s trainer Charles Heung has taken a victims’ blood and sweat. … Heung is abandoned of a conscience,” pronounced protester Lydia Chen, 40, who mislaid millions of dollars she loaned to Dore progressing this year.

Heung – who was named in a 1992 U.S. Senate subcommittee examine and a 2007 Nevada Gaming Control Board conference as a member of a threesome crime squad – has strongly denied impasse in orderly crime and has not been rigourously concerned in any wrongdoing. He could not be reached for comment.

Popular Drone Maker DJI To Open Flagship Retail Store in Shenzhen, China

Macau’s supervision has offering small comfort to Dore investors, observant usually that an review is ongoing.

While many trip operators have left out of business, tip firms like Suncity and Tak Chun are expected to continue a storm, analysts said.

Both firms have used sharp selling and sponsorships of high-profile events like a Macau Grand Prix to benefaction a some-more worldly picture than their peers.

Itineraries: Black Friday Bargains Extend to Airfares and Hotels

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